Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Divine Calling

Jadadguru Mahavatar Babaj
Sri Swami Vishwananda Say:
Divinity Is Within
The Master Christ Says:
The Kingdom of God is Within

Swami Vishwananda
Path of Devotion exemplifying Love, Patience, Unity

Deep in the heart there is the greatest thing that has been given to humans. With each beat of the heart it is saying, “Let me out!” The Divine is calling from deep within you. But you are the one with the key. Open up this heart, make this heart of flesh become the Heart of Light, a light that the mind cannot comprehend, a light without any form, a light without any color, the complete, beautiful most majestic light, even brighter than the sun. Then see the light. . .who you really are. Once you see it, once you have it, don’t let go of it. Keep it always and radiate this light. At every moment wherever you are, just be the light. Through this light, healing will happen. Through this light, pain will be healed. Through this light, realization will be achieved.

Mahavatar Babaji
From your heart will you resonate?

My offer of spiritual assistance is eternally vigilant, even

as the great Himalayan Mountains have stood throughout
time as spiritual sentinels for mankind. I ask sincerely:
Are you ready?­­­­­­­­­­ Babaji intermittently writes letters or notes
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Let us come together in meditation and you will find peace. . .Let the signs of the times lead you to God, the One Light. Let your transformation begin from this day forward. If you were drowning and going down for the third time all that you would want is oxygen and to rise again to the surface and breathe the breath of life. Want God like that! Aline all your systems within you with that wish, that command of your thoughts and knowing. Learn passionately to want the knowledge of light and love, the divinity within you, to guide your life like the drowning person passionately wants one more breath that is so focused that it can save him from a drowning death. — Babaji — From: Unity With The Divine

Babaji Says Today . . .

Dear Internet Friend and Heart Friend. . .and the one who wrote a comment on our post on this blog August 17, 2009:

I say to you today, Dare to say, ‘Thank You.’ As you may know, Sanskrit words resonate with the Divine Universal Creative Sound of OM. It is also true that other languages, in sound, do not reach that vibration as often as Sanskrit. However, the English words, “Thank You.” have a divine connotation through the meaning as humanity has them stored in the memory banks of today’s people. “Thank You” has become a kind of prayer, an acceptance and tolerance of the person who is saying the words or actions that bring forth a “Thank You.” Saying “Thank You,” when brought forward from the heart carries in its vibration the attributes of resonance, acceptance, agreement and a form of union with the person to whom one is speaking. So, I say to you, Thank you for your resonance and love.

An Enlightened Master from India recently said while in America: “One thing I have learned from the West is to sincerely say ‘Thank You.’ For those in the west, saying “Thank You” has become a way of daily and continuously expressing gratitude to others.”

I Am Babaji, one who wishes always to create resonance with all the Divine Creation.


Vishwananda - Dakshesh said...

Dearest Babaji, Dearest Swamiji,
Thank You! Thank You for being with us, Thank You for all You did for us, Thank You for all You are doing for us, Thank You for all You will do for us, Thank You for giving me this opportunity to say Thank You to You! I love You Both and One!
Jay Gurudev!

Vishwananda-Kalavati said...

Dear Babaji
thank you so much for being with us and guiding as. I feel your and Swami's love for me and all of us. This Blog helps me to feel in contact with you and the love of God.
Wanting something passionately we don't really know yet seems to be difficult. When we face problems it is easier to feel like the drawning man who realizies that only oxigen can help him. But what if we are not yet realizing that we are the drawning man? How can we achieve this feeling?
I am not sure to be there yet. But I realized that meditating with you and reading the book "Unity with the Divine" as well as the Blog gave me the feeling to be in contact with the Divine. It is like the helping hand that pulls me out of the water and I am holding it as much as I can and I hope I will never let go again.
I love the Vishnu Sahasranam Video
Thank you for reaching out to all of us, now and forever.

sfauthor said...
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