Thursday, August 13, 2009

Returning Home

Swami Vishwananda
Path of Devotion exemplifying Love, Patience, Unity

We are so busy with this material world that we forget about the Divine love. We try to look for this love in the outside world. We try to look for this love in other people. We try to look for this love by traveling around the world. But we forget that we have to travel not outside, but inside, to find this love in ourselves. We have to realize our closeness to this Divine love, which is inside, in your heart. Some people will say it’s very difficult to reach this point, but I will say it’s very easy. You just need to want it.

Mahavatar Babaji
From your heart will you resonate?

Flowing throughout all your lives there has been a central theme or energy link that connects all that you have been and ever will be. The link of continuity is the essence or the soul that the Divine gifted when he “breathed the breath of life" into you. You have been and always will be divine energy given life from your Creator or Source.

How then can you follow the current mind-set of collective consciousness on planet Earth back to your Source? Where is the knowledge you need to transport you back to your Source? Is it hidden in some great spiritual book? Is it locked behind some door in cosmic consciousness? Is the knowledge you seek on the screen of moving pictures? Do you carry it within yourself and have forgotten how to access the knowledge you seek? The Christ said: “The kingdom of God is within; seek ye first the kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto you.” —Babaji, From Unity With The Divine

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