Sunday, August 30, 2009

Radharani is devotion

Greetings one and all,

Question: …Babaji…On the sacred day of Radhastami, I suddenly received a very beautiful meditation. I love it with all my heart, but still I am not sure. Did it really come from You or just from my mind? Please… tell me how to become more devoted just like Radha.

Babaji: In the form of the most high God of Love and Devotion, Krishna and Radha came as One united in the eternal fire of fusion, synthesis, union. There is never one without the other whether the eyes of man see or the ears of man hear the golden murali or not—playing the song of Krishna’s heart. The ones who ask the questions to which I am responding know this from so-called time spent throughout the billions of galaxies from time out of mind, isn’t it? Each of us is Krishna, God himself, although many still wear the crown of maya. As it is written, so be it! Love and devotion are forever united; there is never one without the other and neither can stand alone.

How can one know if a spiritual teacher comes in one’s meditation? If you think about, see and feel the teacher who is of an enlightened nature, the teacher is with you. It is the way it is with an omniscient being. God has designed it so that Enlightened teachers hear the call within the heart of devoted mankind and they come. It is the design of God and man that it be so. When the Bhakti tears come especially one knows, isn’t it? I am ever with you one and all, you have only to connect within the heart for you to know that I am always there. I patiently await your remembrance to open the door. Let go the weight of human conditioning and allow your free flowing love to radiate to the All.

How can one become devoted the way Radha is devoted, the way Rhadarani loves? As Swami Vishwananda continually shows and tells each time he speaks of Rhada: “Krishna is God and manifests as Bhakti and as Rhada, He manifests in the form of devotion." Together, in union, this two-in-one manifests throughout creation in perfection of oneness. To become devotion like Rhada, one must open the heart to the Divine Love, that light of union that is within each one of us equally. When that Divine Love within the heart of each of us flows freely out to embrace the All in pure devotion, the Eternal Lord of Bhakti is created through devotion uniting with Bhakti and you, as an incarnated embodiment of Divinity are free from illusion of duality. That is the path of Bhakti. Do you choose that path? Then open the heart completely and surrender to devotion like Rhadha. Surrender to the will of Krishna, to the will of God. It is written and it is so that Krishna himself, then, cannot resist bowing his head to that perfection within you and which you offer like perfect flowers of faith, perfumed in the purity of your heart’s ardor of devotion wrapped in Love Divine. You, the ones who question and everyone truly is this Divine Love.

My Internet friends seek the tenets of old, learn to enjoy the life given to you as it is and how it can be when you follow your heart to oneness and the perfection of the union of love and devotion.

I Am Babaji. I Am in every heart, how can it be any different? It cannot be!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

we are more then 6 billion people on mother earth. Why do only have few from us the possibility to be connected with You, Guriji and other Saints like we are?

What does it mean "it is written"?

And in case "it is so" - how can a normal human being understand Yours, Gurijis and Saints grace? There are a lot of people how are much better in meditation then me (that is for sure what I know :-))

Thank You all deep from my heart for everything...