Monday, August 10, 2009

The Way to the Heart

August 10, 2009

Path of devotion exemplifying attributes of
Love, Patience & Unity, Bhakti Marga

The mind has to be completely focused on the way to the heart, then you will find the way to love. Very often in our life we have great confusion in our mind and in our heart. Sometimes we feel something, and then we try to listen with our mind, and we do not do what we feel. What happens? We suffer! Why do we suffer? Most of the suffering is because of our own critical thinking towards our own self. Aren’t all of us part of God with the critical mind in it?

God created the mind and the heart so beautifully! He placed everything perfectly in the human body. The mind is not here to make us a slave. It is here to make us analyze whatever we need to do in our daily life. Whatever we do, wherever we are our mind is always working, analyzing everything on the outside. In our mind there are great sources filled with love and waiting to be revealed and given to the outside. For this love to reveal itself you have to really want it.

If you want something, you do everything for it, don’t you? If you love somebody, you may write hundreds of letters to this person to express your love; you don’t lose hope. Why then lose hope on this journey towards one’s self? ... The love is still there, still waiting and knocking at the door, saying, “Let me out!” But you have the key for this door and you have to open it. If you want to love, love without expecting anything, pull the door open.

From your heart will you resonate?
I am Babaji of the majestic Himalayas, the sacred mountains of India that stand as sentinels of Love, Devotion, Trust and everlasting Divine Will of Unity. My offer of spiritual assistance is eternally vigilant, even as the great Himalayan Mountains have stood throughout time as Spiritual sentinels for mankind. I ask sincerely: Are you ready?

Focusing the mind through heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind communication: The following excerpt from Unity Of The Divine was given by Babaji soon after Bhakti Marga’s “Happening” was brought to world view on September 11, 2008. In one month, a year will have passed. Babaji wishes the following to be his entry for the blog today. Please know that in His book Babaji is searching for those disciples of Swami Vishwananda and anyone on the planet who wishes to have a fully conscious connection with Him through meditation. To those of you reading it on this blog, Babaji says to you…”From your heart will you resonate?” [Please know that I was struggling with my own challenge to understand even as I “controlled my mind” and thereby took Babaji’s dictation indirectly guiding and loving us through the challenges the “Happening” brought to each of us. And I can say that the challenges became an opportunity “for my own spiritual progress!”] Utpalavati

Babaji: The following Epistle [letter] is addressed to the disciples of Sri Swami Vishwananda; I am his Guru. This Epistle serves as introduction to those of you who feel you do not know me or do not, as yet, remember me. Please read this Epistle standing true to your Divine Heart nature, and you will comprehend fully what I am writing indirectly to each of you “between the lines.”

It is time that people who are connected in the physical through their Spiritual Teacher, Sri Swami Vishwananda, begin to take seriously their commitment to their Teacher and their commitment to their own advancement into light. I request that those of you to whom I am speaking, lay aside any differences or doubts you may have and attune yourselves with the teachings of your Guru, your teacher and your path of Bhakti Marga. It is that kind of commitment for which we are searching to locate in Swami Vishwananda’s devotees and disciples.

I am coming to you in this way, via heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind communication [Imprinting Technique] so that we may encourage and inspire you on your path in yet another way. I wish to inspire you to go inside and find a place of firm commitment that not even an earthquake can shake. I wish you to feel free to call on me and your Guru to help you find that place inside yourself. I communicate to you, this day, that all of you have a good chance to move yourselves into the dimension of enlightenment should you choose to focus on your advancement into spiritual freedom rather than the chaos men’s minds are creating at present time in the world of illusion.

I am standing firm on this: I am requesting an internal commitment from each of you. Will you meditate with me and truly commit to your own enlightenment and to Swami Vishwananda and your spiritual path? This communication in no way negates your true internal connection to The Divine. This way of reaching you is truly in juxtaposition with your own avenues of connection and attunement with the Divine; that is all!

Pray, my friends, for the safe journey of Bhakti Marga, the path of love and devotion, into the New Age on your horizon. Pray, my friends, for the All of creation to come home to the holy light of the manna The Divine wishes to shower upon you all should you be willing to receive it. Pray that your World recovers from the pollution man has fostered upon his home, Mother Earth. Determine fully, completely, vertically and horizontally*, that you will be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem to your Guru, your Spiritual Teacher, as he strives to bring his committed disciples into alignment with Divine Will.

*Babaji is speaking of the symbology of the divine energetic cross: [+]. Vertical – connection to the Divine. Horizonal – connection to the material Earth and physical body.


Anonymous said...

At last. A different way of getting a handle on that story.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji,
Thank you for this clarity and penetrating through the wall of chaos and confusion. This command is a wake-up call. My heart has heard you. Please help us not to forget why we came. Jai Gurudev!