Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Discovering Eternal You

Path of Devotion, Bhakti Marga

You know there is a saying, ‘Spirituality starts where religion ends.’ Real spirituality is in each one of you, in each one of your hearts, whether you believe or not it’s there. God is sitting permanently within you. But to achieve it each one has a personal way. To discover the Eternal, God without form, God without name is to realize that all of you are part of Him. This is the aim of man.

When the mother is holding her child, there is no condition. Such also is the love of God. Whatever you have done good or bad, when you turn to Him, the One who has the love of a million mothers inside of Him, He will happily forgive. If a child makes a mistake, the mother forgives and wishes that the child will be good and change. What about the father? He will forgive, but with time. The discipline part and the loving part are both important. So, when we turn to the Divine with our good and with our not so good qualities, He will accept us. He loves us and He is calling all of us to love the same way as He loves. It is our mind that is a big barrier.

Mahavatar Babaji
From your heart will you resonate?

Response to Reader Question: Dear Babaji, Can You speak about making decisions? I have spent the entire year trying to make a decision. How important is it exactly to be in the physical presence of the Master? I meditate every day, and try to ask in meditation, but perhaps I am not yet good enough at it… With much love and gratitude.

Babaji: These questions are common among human nature in today’s time. Therefore I will answer as I speak now with many people on the planet:

How important is it to be in the physical presence of the Master? Simple, if you are in the physical presence of the Master It is important to you. If you are not in the physical presence of the Master, it is not important to you! That is all.

Well now, we have a plethora of thoughts, do we not [Reference comment for all]? Imagine a basket filled with flowers of various colors, shapes and fragrances. The plethora of flowers is the same as the plethora of thoughts [as per the questions]. Do you understand? It is how the human mind works. You, that is any person to whom God has given the body, the mind and the spirit chooses what thoughts s/he will incorporate into will and action. All right, so we have the flowers or the thoughts as picture words. We perceive that you create your thoughts in the questions you ask and then you worry them, or in actual fact, you love them into being each day as your “assignment of the day” for improving yourself, isn’t it? [that is all people who have this profile of behavior in their lives].

In productivity in moving yourself forward in spiritual progress or in life as living it, for the last year your thoughts as you perceive your life have stopped you, isn’t it? In actual fact, YOU have stopped YOU! The Master Christ said: As a man thinketh, so is he! So, are you seeking a solution, finally, after a year of loving the thoughts you are creating each day and hating your life as you have created it through your thoughts?

The solution is simple: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN! …that is to your thoughts! Change all your thoughts into those that you really want in your life. For you see, we perceive that even in meditation many of you carry the “self that is out of meditation” thoughts into the meditation. How can anything new be created when one does that? Is it possible? No, a thousand times, No! The Enlightened Masters of the yogi tradition of the Sacred Himalayas teach that to still the mind in meditation creates a pathway to the Divine. The higher vibrations of divinity have no room to intermingle with the physical form when the form is filled to capacity with the lower vibrational filters of materiality. And so it is my dear friends of the Internet, that we must begin now to allow our thoughts in meditation to float away like raindrops on a leaf or a birdsong that is complete. Allow your minds to become still like a deep mountain lake resting in moonlight where peace and stillness pervade the very atmosphere. It is like that wherein you may create room for decisions to be made.

It is simple math [realizing that In cosmic math 1 + 1 may equal anything] in Earth math 1 + 1 = 2. Stop what you have been thinking and willfully take action and think and act differently so that in awareness and mindful being you may create something new. Pray and meditate mindfully and with awareness and you will step forward in light and love and you will bring it into your life and reflect it to others and the all. Meet me in meditation again with this new mind-set, that is any of you, and I will speak with you further. And as this is written, so will it be for anyone with these kinds of questions! And remember to do your Atma Kriya every day! [Atma Kriya techniques are comprised of pranayama, Kriya, meditation, mudra, mantra, asana and healing.] Amen and Om.

I am Babaji, one who forever is on your side in current day vernacular.

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