Friday, August 14, 2009

Martyrs of Today

Lord Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi

and Garuda, Lord Vishnu's

Golden Eagle Vahana

Dearly Beloved Internet Friends,

From the dawn of time we whom you identify as Enlightened Masters come to Earth, even traveling great distances in your understanding. We bring the light of knowledge, wisdom and truth to mankind at any given timeframe. Please know that we love you eternally and we come in peace to walk with you on your journey returning home.

Today my Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda Blog post will address those of you who are meditating regularly with me; you and I know who you are. To the others who read this, I am ever with you and these words will resonate to that part of you that knows me in our own individual attunement and it is all great and good. You see, when we follow a path on our spiritual way we must be committed to it so that each day we place everything we are into it.

From your own life you can look and know that the deviations from the path you chose from before incarnation are the times when the most pain has come into your very nature of being. And even your stepping off the “straight and narrow” path serves you, my friends, especially when you stay aware that even the deviation Is Your Path at that time. And you thereby may use it as your vehicle to transport you toward freedom, thereby emulating Lord Vishnu who has Garuda as his vahana. And like Garuda who eats poison snakes that threaten the safety of mankind, so your path of deviation may eradicate impurities within you and liberate you into greater freedom.

And, at the same time, the darkest hours always are the times when your advancement into light has made wonderful leaps in consciousness and your heart jumps for joy and sings like the wonder of springtime when you are through the “valley of the shadow of death.” For, indeed, in the worst of times in life it often feels like you are dying. And truly you are! Your self that is the ego slowly dies on the true spiritual path. The ego that is left has been purified and no longer rules your life but is safely there for protection of the physical form until it is no longer useful to you.

I am encouraging you today to keep meditating in whatever fashion and techniques that are best for you on your spiritual path at this time. I am loving you from close and afar in your understanding…know this, my Internet friends! I am encouraging you today to continue with your teacher Sri Swami Vishwananda “come what may” through your true knowing that he is your Guru, your spiritual teacher! Look into His Atma Kriya yoga techniques which were clearly given by me to Him to infuse into the world consciousness at this critical time of its maha, great need.

Some have judged how I gave the Kriya instruction to Swami Vishwananda. That is upon their individual heads as all judgment stays at the “roost” with the creator of it. Reaction to criticism stays with the recipient’s choice to embrace it, isn’t it? I have given Swami Vishwananda the dispensation for teaching Atma Kriya at this time and so it is! The criticism that he appointed certain ones around him to research current Kriya instruction through this very Internet that I am enjoying communicating to you on this day is as it is, isn't it? And instead of pointing fingers outwardly in this situation, perhaps those who are doing so may help free their own souls if they instead look within themselves for the resonating factors of where this criticism originates for them! The people who criticize Swami Vishwananda say: “Nay, Nay, Nay, he did not receive Atma Kriya from Babaji because Babaji would not change the kriyas from how he instructed Lahiri Mahasaya.”

If you carefully read about Lahiri Mahasaya in Autobiography Of A Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, you will perceive that I, Babaji, even then, made a change in the Kriya instruction to align with the current world view or collective consciousness of that time at Lahri Mahayas’s request, isn’t it? I say to you all this day: Why not! Why would not Babaji make changes in his methods of teaching throughout time to align with collective world consciousness? This world has not the same consciousness as when this Immortal Body first walked this Earth of ours. I am not here on this planet for myself but I come in humility and love for you who wish to seek my assistance as a guide on your path to enlightenment remembered, Unity With The divine! And the same is true for your Guru, Swami Vishwananda. He is here for You and with the blessing of Divine Mother that he carries beautifully with love, grace and humility!

The dogmas of world religions lose the hearts and minds of mankind when they rigidly adhere to what was for another time even when its time long ago has ran its course. This same dogmatic adherence to outdated awareness occurs within people if they allow the ego to continue to be the master of the life when it is the essence, the atma, the soul that is the Eternal-Self, the Master that is the Self.

This is important for you to meditate upon my dear Internet friends: In this time of maha, great world change, be aware as you venerate Martyrs of yesteryear that the Martyrs of today may present a different “moving picture” of what today’s martyr truthfully is doing in his life mission, actions and teachings! Let you be one who comprehends this great truth at the time the Living Enlightened Master is among you. History eventually realizes and records the truth of such Martyrs, but it takes time, for most, as man exists in time. And so it is written. —Babaji

From Utpalavati With Love
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Anonymous said...

I love You....

Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji,

I would like to ask you how can I best utilize this opportunity that I have in being in the physical presence of my gurudev, Sri Swami Vishwananda? Very often it seems to me that I don't take my chance seriously enough for which I may feel sorry one day. The great light of God is before my very eyes and I am blind to it. Help me!

I am Thine; be Thou forever mine!