Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cosmic Consciousness

The Sacred



Mahavatar Babaji
From your heart will you resonate?
My offer of spiritual assistance is eternally vigilant even as the great Himalayan Mountains have stood throughout time as spiritual sentinels for mankind. I ask sincerely: Are you ready? Babaji intermittently write letters or notes on this
blog. Mahavatar welcome comments and questions:
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Mahavatar Babaji responds to Questions posted on Blog Post of August 18, 2009:
Questions and text of Reader Comment:

Dear Babaji,
Thank you so much for being with us and guiding us. I feel your and Swami’s love for me and all of us. This blog helps me to feel in contact with you and the love of God.
Wanting something passionately when we don’t really know yet seems to be difficult. When we face problems it is easier to feel like the drowning man who realizes that only oxygen can help him [referencing drowning man metaphor in Babaji’s Blog post]. But what if we’re not yet realizing that we are the drowning man? How can we achieve this feeling? I am not sure to be there yet.

But I realized that meditating with you and reading the book, Unity With The Divine, as well as reading the Blog gave me the feeling to be in contact with the Divine. It is like the helping hand that pulls me out of the water and I am holding it as much as I can and I hope I will never let go again.

I love the Vishnu Sahasranam Video [placed on Blog]. Thank you for reaching out to all of us, now and forever.

Mahavatar’s Response:

Dearest One, know that the time has come for you to reach for the Cosmic Consciousness, the oxygen symbology in my story in our Blog post. The fact that you are working closely with Sri Swami Vishwananda is informing you that you realize that you are drowning in the morass of worldly life as you have known it. You want to be free, happy, released from fear and secure in the knowledge that you are a child of God who lives forever, isn’t it? And if you are with Swami Vishwananda as your spiritual teacher in the symbolic drowning story, He is one who offers you the Holy Tree Limb in your process of the Divine Rescue.

What is Swami Vishwananda rescuing if you will take what he offers and use it for enlightenment? It is your remembrance of your enlightenment that has been covered by the dust of lifetimes lived in the illusion of the physical, materialistic world. In conjunction with him, I am offering you the same as he, for we work closely together at this time of Earth’s moving into the Golden Era soon to manifest into mankind’s awareness. Remember it is darkest before the dawn, isn’t it? Know that wanting anything passionately is to become totally committed to something such as one’s sadhana and one’s remembered enlightenment or God! I am standing firm on this: You all must do your parts in this work we are embarking upon together. We cannot do it for you! We offer our assistance and our love, but you must do your own work. You all know what I am speaking about.

When you face problems, you know what to do, that which will help you to stay out of fear and emotional pain: Swami Vishwananda has said this many times and in numerous ways, stories and darshans, to all of you all over this world of ours: Pray, chant the Divine name of your choice, and meditate, thereby opening your heart to Divine Love and contacting the Divine within you, in all things and all Creation. Attend as many darshans of Swami Vishwananda as is feasible for you. For he does, indeed, alleviate and remove karma and he helps you to locate your own light within your heart and soul essence in his darshans and in all his work with you all. I reiterate: Meditate, Meditate, Meditate...Atma Kriya is a good choice, isn’t it?

Thank you for your sincere willingness to seek clarity by writing and asking questions. Until the time comes when one has no more questions, and that time will come eventually for all of you, it has to be this way. And so it is. I appreciate your truthfulness and your love. I love you all eternally.

—Babaji — one who forever is committed to your remembered enlightenment!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji, Dearest Swamiji,

We appreciate what You are doing for us. Thank You! Thank You for Your love and care, thank You for helping us to come out of this illusion.
Even if our love for You is just limited reflection of Your love, pleas accept it and kip teaching us how to grow in it. We dare to say we love You truly.

Vishwananda-Kalavati said...

Dear Babaji

thank you for your answer. I am now calmer. I feel supported and motivated to be more sincere with my Atma Kriya Programm. I am very touched.
Thank you.