Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Secret of Divine Grace

Swami Vishwananda
The Secret of Divine Grace through chanting a Divine Name: When we call a human being, what happens? The person will look at you and say "What do you want?" The same happens when you call the Divine inside of you. He will ask also, “What do you want from me?" Then you can put your request to Him: “Lord I want self-realization, I want God realization.” But this relationship that is developed between you and the Divine is not only for now; it’s eternal.

Whether you believe in God or you don’t believe in God, deep inside of you your spirit knows that there is a greater Self, knows that there is a greater consciousness that pervades everything. For example, if something bad happens in your life, who do you call first? What do you say? You say, "Oh my God.” You don’t say, “Oh my husband, Oh my wife, Oh my father, Oh my mother.” Why? They are also very dear to you. But now there is some higher consciousness; there is God, who is closer than everything to you. That’s why whether you believe [in God] or not, the first thing that will come out of your mouth is “Oh my God.” The secret in the name of the Divine IS God Himself.

The name of a person is not the person. I can call a person; I can chant this person's name all the time but the person will not come to me. Whereas, if I chant the name of Mahavatar Babaji, if I chant the name of Krishna and Jesus or if I chant the name of Allah, for sure they will come. They come because the name of the Divine is the fullness of the Divine Himself. . . The more you chant, the more you will go into the fullness of the sound within yourself. The more you know the secret; you will enjoy the beauty that you have inside of you. After some time of chanting out loud, the chant becomes silent within you. Even while you are sleeping, inside of you the chant always goes on.

Jagadguru Mahavatar Babaji
Note to Readers - Good News: Many of you have been enquiring when the Second Edition of Mahavatar Babaji’s book, Unity With The Divine will be available. We are pleased to announce that the book is available for order now at KriyaOmPress.com.

Questions from reader: Q: We are more than 6 billion people on Mother Earth. Why do only a few of us have the possibility to be connected with You, Guruji and other Saints? Q: What does it mean, “It is written,” and “It is so.” Q: How can a normal human being understand Your Grace and the Grace of Guruji and the Saints? Thank you all from deep within my heart.

Babaji’s Response to reader questions: Greetings to all who resonate from the heart. Thank you for your questions. I have heard these same questions from several of you reading this blog. Some of you have opened the door to your hearts and invited me in. To those of you, I directly have responded. Any others of you who wish to speak with me directly in meditation, I also will come directly when invited. I bless you one and all.

Now is the time for mankind to rethink what has been written from times past. Do you resonate from within the heart? The mind of man contains a constant play of light and shadow but the heart is always true. For instance, you know when your heart tells you that you love someone. It just is, isn’t it? When love happens you may perceive it and ask yourself questions such as to moral, social and religious personal standards. Then you must decide whether to take action on your heart truth that you love someone. You may think along these lines: Oh, I am married, it is not appropriate to take action about this. That person is too much older than I am. Oh s/he is of a different spiritual tradition, etc. Relevant questioning within yourself applies to your love for spiritual teachers, most definitely, as well!

I ask you all on this blog: “From your heart will you resonate?” That is our standing question herein. If you do not resonate, I encourage you to continue on your spiritual path in a place and with a spiritual teacher with whom you resonate from the heart? Truly, it is within heart resonance that your spiritual progress is assured! We are available to everyone and the possibility of connecting with us is open. It is the individual who makes the choice to connect with us or not. When I say to you, “It is written,” I mean that it is written in present time from my essence, All That I Am! My friends when I say, “It is written or “It is so,” or Let it be so,” it is and will be as I say, solidified truth manifesting in your dimension of Earth reality! Contained within these statements may be that what I am now writing has been written in scriptures from times past, in your understanding, as well.

Divine Grace of the saints and the Guru-Spiritual Teacher, Swami Vishwananda, and indeed God cannot be understood from the mind. One must go within the spiritual heart to fully accept and understand Grace. God’s grace is continually present for everyone. You must have to deeply want to receive it by attuning yourself to the vibration of the spiritual teacher who, in essence is a part of the Divine even as you are a part of the Divine. We are one! My Grace and blessings are ever available to all of you who call my name, who long for renewal of your vows of remembered divinity within you, within your spiritual heart. In that way we connect and link our vibrations and Grace happens automatically. Grace is never withheld from anyone. Each person decides for himself whether he will accept the Grace of enlightened masters, from God, or not.

The Master Christ taught: “Blessed be those who seek; for they shall find; the kingdom of God is within.” The kingdom of God is within each and every one of human kind and through truly wanting it, you will find it! It is written! It is so! Let it be so! Amen and Om. I Am Babaji. I bless you one and all from my heart of hearts.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

day by day I understand a little bit more. Sometimes I think what I am doing here? But my heart is telling me - Go further on! So, I go step by step with Your Help and Love.

By reading Your Blogs and writing I feel more and more connected with You. It seems to me like a training - "Trust in Love"

Sometimes I can´t t believe it but I become more and more a feeling of beeing part of one family.
Like a child I trust You and my inner voice on my path.

Thank You for all Your Love.