Monday, September 21, 2009

Letter From Mahavatar Babaji

Sri Swami Vishwananda tells a story about Krishna: Once when Krishna was dancing with the Gopis, He manifested Himself and then disappeared . . . And A Letter From Mahavatar Babaji:

Mahavatar Babaji: Dear Internet Friends, the time has come in eternity’s window to take the burdens of life on Earth and lay them at the feet of the Divine. All of you who read this blog are what is termed “old souls.” You have been on the spiritual path many, many lifetimes. Many of you are tired of the mesmerized way of being you have lived from lifetime to lifetime on the returning wheel of karmic life. Now I call you to awaken, awaken to the life Divine, to eternal life that may be lived in total knowledge and unity with the Divine. Let go of the need to be responsible for all mistakes as you may term them in life and begin to live in freedom evermore.

To the person who wrote this comment: Dear Babaji, thanks very much. When my daughter was younger I divorced from her father, (which as such I didn´t ever repent) and then had to work very hard, and my mother took care of my daughter and I lost my influence on her. I wished at that time, when she was younger, I had told her to call the Divine whenever in difficulties. Today she doesn´t believe in God so much, and this is a pity. If I were a mother of a child (my daughter is now an adult already and it has become more difficult to inspire her), yes I would try and teach to call for Divine help when in difficulties.

Babaji: Dear One, please meet me in an intentional meditation and I will speak with you personally and further on this question. I can help you to find peace within yourself with regular meditation. It is a perquisite for many of you in today’s world. I come to you in peace and love and with the intention to help you through the maya you all have created together. I will take you to the “promised land” of freedom to be if you trust me, hold my hand, and let us walk together in meditation to that place within you that knows that you are indeed a part of God and thereby peace will come. Please know that a daughter or any relationship you may have or have had in this lifetime carries the same possibility of loving them unconditionally. That is your assignment from the Divine. So loving unconditionally allows you to free yourself from any burden of wrong-doing toward anyone. Isn’t it like that? Leave the actions of the past in the past, forgive yourself and others and begin from this day forward to live in the present of now! Please trust that the Divine will take care of a daughter and everyone in your life. Learn to love yourself and others unconditionally and that is sufficient in the eyes and the grace of the Divine. So it is!

Meet me in meditation and we will see how willing you are to surrender to Divine Will, to Divine Love. It rests securely within you ready to spring forth like the lotus blossom when the sun’s rays touch its face of purity. And remember that the beautiful, pure lotus flower grows in a bed of mud.

To All of You who resonate from the heart: Please remember to do your Atma Kriya each day, those of you who have taken the courses of Swami Vishwananda. When you are consistent and committed to your sadhana practice you will find peace within and you will progress on your spiritual path to Unity With The Divine! I am Babaji, one who is your champion on your path toward Unity. Amen and OM.

Sri Swami Vishwananda tells a story about Krishna: Once when Krishna was dancing with the Gopis, He manifested Himself and then disappeared. At the moment when Krishna disappeared the Gopis realized what they had lost. Then Krishna manifested Himself again, showing and saying , “Hey, I’m not far away from you. You are in me and I am in you all the time. Why are you running after this manifestation of pain and happiness [maya]? Krishna told the Gopis: “If you want to attain me, rise above happiness and pain. Then only you can realize, because otherwise we are only bound by our emotions."


Anonymous said...

Jay Gurudev!
dearest Babaji and dearest Swamiji,
Thank You for Your encouraging and supporting words. I am often afraid to devote my time to sadhana instead of sitting in the office and working, because feel responsible for my family, and like that I forget that the Divine will take care of everything when I offer it at His feet. Thank You reminding me over and over again why I am here. Please take the offering of my life and meet me in meditation, hold my hand and never let it go. Teach me to love You unconditionally, like You love all of us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji Thanks very much for answering my post, please help me to meditate more and to understand You better in meditation. Love. JGD