Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fifth Day of Navaratri - Skandamata Devi

On This Fifth Day of Navaratri Swami Vishwananda Celebrates Skandamata Devi:
Skandamata Devi – The fifth form of the mother is known as Skandamata. Devi Durga is the mother of Kartik, and he is known as Kumar Kartik as well as Skanda. She is referenced as Skandamata. This form of the Deity has four arms. The mother is seen holding her son, Kanda, with the top right hand and she holds a lotus in her lower right hand. The top left hand is positioned in a blessing gesture and the bottom left hand holds a lotus. Therefore she is also known as Padmasana. In the Skandamata Devi form, she is seen mounted on a lion. Anyone who worships her whole-heartedly receives the blessing of the Devi as she fulfills the wish of the devotee.

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