Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Can I Know?

Surrendering To The Feet of the Guru Within
Swami Vishwananda: We were talking of how one has to surrender. The most important thing is how one has to build up pure love in one’s heart. To surrender is one thing but how will you surrender if you don’t have pure love from your heart? Difficult. Pure love from one’s heart makes the Divine serve you. That’s what God wants that you awaken this Divine Love, that you can love like He loves, that you can spread the same love everywhere, that you become an instrument of this love.

But to become an instrument of this love you have to let this pure love from your heart awaken. Once it’s awake you will see that whatever you do will be only for Him. Even if you do something which is wrong in the eyes of other people but in His eyes it will be always good. Some people will say Yes I will go and kill somebody will it be good in His eyes. No, it is not like that. When the pure love awakens there will be no sign of negativity. [And that is how you can know.]

Note from Utpalavati: I am in Springen, Swami Vishwananda's International Spiritual Center until September 29. We completed the Atma Kriya Teacher biannual meeting today. Last evening began Swamiji's 9 days of yagnas for Navaratri, honoring Divine Mother. We will have three days dedicated to Durga, goddess of protection, invincible; three days dedicated to Maha Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity both spiritual and material; and three days to Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, music and the arts.

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Thanks! to me it helps, as Swami Vishwananda suggested in an earlier post, (what goes around comes around on Septemer the 12th, to let love flow out, e.g. to nature, e.g. to the draught in Kenia, e.g. to victims of violence. JGD