Saturday, September 5, 2009

Free Will - Heaven

Mahavatar Babaji . . . speaks about Heaven, free will and right and wrong. . . Dearest Friends, Beloveds of the Divine, as you walk the narrow pathway toward union with the Divine, dare to experiment with light as you daily experiment with limitation. Dare to embrace the idea and take it into action that light and dark are one; all beings are one and Heaven is one dimension of the “many mansions” Christ spoke about that exists in “Heaven.” Learn to fly free of the Earth boundaries within your mind and heart. Then you will have the experience of having mastered the Earth dimension of the “many mansions” the Savior of lost souls taught you. For many of you feel “lost,” is it not???

I place three question marks at the end of that last sentence for a reason, my dear friends and compatriots. All this punctuation of emphasis makes me smile and most pleased with all you bloggers in the Internet phenomenon of spiritual development; both of the light and the dark as most of you presently define it. I see now within many of you the true desire for eternity’s doorway to open for you. You wish to experience the light of forevermore, to know that you will exist within it eternally, isn’t it? Many of you are becoming intense about it and truly committed to your growth and loving development into your remembered light body. And in the midst of all that, please remember to do your Atma Kriya daily! ! !

A comment was placed on this blog: “I am not sure some times what is wrong or what is right. How does communication work in Heaven? Does "Life in Heaven" also have light and shadow?

For those of you interested in those thoughts and questions: Feel the vibration of this Heaven as you imagine it and allow yourself to go there in meditation. Truthfully it will not be beneficial for me to paint you a pretty picture of what I know “Heaven” to be. Do you understand? I am responding to all of you and the “you” that is the eternal you. If you “take on” what I am requesting about this question of “Heaven,” and right and wrong you will find peace about it.

What is right and what is wrong? What if actually right is wrong and wrong is right? Is that right or is that wrong? Do you know? Truthfully, it is divine if you will begin to embrace the idea that right and wrong are one. Then in all your thoughts and actions, just do what feels right to you. And if you feel like doing something wrong and then do it, well, you have a certain amount of free will. Go ahead and do it and you simply reap the consequences of cause and effect. Is that wrong or is that right? Isn’t it simply choice and not wrong or right but according to one’s perspective it could be understood as either right or wrong or just choice of being? My dear friends, that is duality ! ! ! Take a stand from this day forward that you will be one who embraces the Oneness of Earth life and live it as you choose, and henceforth be free of the limitation of duality. It is your choice, right or wrong according to perception, ONE!

I would like all of you reading this blog to meditate with me on the following: A certain Enlightened Being living in India in present day has said many times in all Earth languages at one time or another; truly a teaching for the world awareness, world collective consciousness:

“Understand that there is no free will for individuals. They are constrained by various limitations. God alone has total free will. All others are bound in one way or another. Nobody has free will; for man is subservient to his senses. Even if he wants otherwise his eyes will look at the world. Ears listen to all sounds. Legs move to places unwanted by him [like to work some Monday mornings]. He is thus reduced to the state of a slave of the senses. Where is the free will? Added to this, man’s behavior is also fashioned around the acquisitions of previous birth; not only that, the effect of the deeds of his parents too will influence the child born to them. Thus man is subjected to and influenced by diverse forces – the effect of his own deeds, that of his parents and above all the influences of his senses. Then how can free will prevail for man? This faculty is enjoyed by God alone.” Whatever one’s efforts, the ultimate outcome lies with Providence. Therefore, place your faith in God and do your duty, wherever you may be.”

Adieu until we meet again in meditation. I am Babaji. My beloved ones take my hand, take the hand of your spiritual teacher, be it Swami Vishwananda or whomever it may be; let us join hearts, minds and hands in Divine Love. Amen and OM ! ! ! It is written and so it is.


Anonymous said...

Due to a recent experience that left me dumb struck about myself, I cannot say I feel that it is me, doing things, acting freely in any way. - But what consoles me, Ramana Maharshi said: they are the deeds of God (everyone´s deeds) so they should be ok...Yes this is about rising above right and wrong. Dear Babaji thanks very much. JGD

Anonymous said...

The path of Brahma Jnana is as hard as treading on the edge of a razor. (Shirdi Sai Baba)