Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mahavatar Babaji Greetings

Mahavatar Babaji: Greetings all who read this blog. Come with me on an imaginary journey, but one which you have taken many times in your minds in one of your lifetimes or another. Let us remember a time when you walked on the beach and the sun was warm on your skin. Look in the distance now and notice an outcropping of rocks in the distance. You find an immediate rapport with the rocks, water and sky. You continue to walk there and find a nice place on the rocks to sit in peace for a few moments.

You gaze out into the ocean and you see a ship there on its way to an unknown destination. You imagine yourself on the ship bound for a distant shore of your own choosing. Life is actually like that. You choose with your mind the plays you will play in any given lifetime. Likewise, the martyrs or saints came to this planet already with a script written in the soul. And those you read about were the ones who connected with the script they wrote before they came and then they played it out accordingly. Your job in this lifetime is to do the same. For many of you who are connecting with me now in a deeper way than ever before in this lifetime are ready, primed from all your lifetimes of making many spiritual right choices to walk the straight and narrow way to liberation. So come forth those of you who are brave, courageous and with enough commitment to your script that was written before you came into this lifetime and go to the finish line which is actually a continuation of the beginning without end. And so it is written and so it is!

A question was placed on this blog referencing something I wrote in Unity regarding Swami Vishwananda’s writing about the saints in Earth history. Question: Is it not that Swami Vishwananda said we have to give up our identity, our ego self=I? So as for the ego self isn´t it going to be a "martyrdom" in a way? But of course, we can choose e.g. the repeating of God´s names/Naam Jaap as a panacea/remedy, or just do as Swami Vishwananda proposed: when your mind is playing games with you, close your eyes and say to yourself: I am the light, I am love, I am joy, I am peace...

You may think of detaching from the ego as martyrdom if you like; it is one way or perspective in doing so. I tell you truly that when that time comes for each of you to detach from the ego, the freedom to be that it brings will give you a different kind of perspective of who you are at the core of your being and the ego will no longer attract you as to its penchant for being in control of you. As Swami Vishwananda and many spiritual teachers show you, there are many paths to God. Choose! Reading about the lives of saints and martyrs is one way to learn how those of mankind who have taken that path show you. That is all. Chanting the names of God or chanting “I am the light, I am love, I am joy, I am peace” is another way of being that you may use on your path to God. Choose, and you may choose them all along your way. It is all good and wise to follow your heart always and therein you will find the script you wrote before you came into the present incarnation.

I will help you; you have simply to call my name. -Babaji


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

sometimes I think I have understood You. But I am living in this world of surviving. For excample: My son has trouble in school. The group of children where he belongs to is finding out "who is who?". Of course they have quarrel and are fighting. I teach him - you have to be strong enough to protect yourself. There are several possibilities to be strong. One is to hit back... What would happen I teach him "call Babaji".

And sometimtes I feel like my son. I only feel lost.

Thank You for all Your Love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, thanks very much. when my daughter was younger I divorced from her father,(which as such I didn´t ever repent) and then had to work very hard, and my mother took care of my daughter and I lost my influence on her. I wished at that time, when she was younger, I had told her to call the Divine whenever in difficulties. Today she doesn´t believe in God so much, and this is a pity. If I were a mother of a child (my daughter is now an adult already and it has become more difficult to inspire her), yes I would try and teach to call for Divine help when in difficulties. Love.