Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Are Pure Consciousness

Swami Vishwananda:
An expression of Divine Love, Pure Consciousness is who you really are. Through love you will develop trust, patience and unity. When you have these you have everything.

Krishna lived in Vrindivan until he was sixteen, and then he went away. After he left everyone was sad and always thinking of Krishna. They thought that Krishna had forgotten about them. One day Krishna sent one of his devotees, Uddhava, to tell the people of Vrindavan that he had not forgotten them and that he continued to care for them.

When Uddhava arrived in Vrindivan, the gopies came to meet him. Even before Uddhava began talking, the gopies began criticizing Krishna. They said, “Oh, Krishna has forgotten about us; he has left us. He gave us so much love and then he withdrew everything and went away.” Uddhava laughed and said, “No, Krishna has not forgotten about you; he thinks of you every day. He had other work to do in another place, and that is why he left here.

The gopies could not accept what Uddhava had said and they kept complaining about Krishna. Uddhava then gave the gopies the message Krishna had sent. Krishna said, “All that is and all that you feel is just a game. I create; I protect and I destroy everything by my own will. And it all comes back to me. Maya, illusion, had created a veil of separation. This veil prevents you from seeing that you all are a part of me.”

Like the gopies, all of you are here also to remove this veil of illusion, maya. If we just drop deep in our heart we can feel this love, peace and happiness. How great it is to love. Become one with the Divine. Let yourself reflect who you really are, Divine Love, Pure Consciousness


Anonymous said...

Once Jesus was walking along the streets of a city. It was a slum area. He saw a young man rolling in dirt, dead drunk. He went to him, sat by his side and woke him up. The young man opened his eyes and saw Jesus. Jesus asked him: "Son! Why are you wasting your precious youth in drinking?" The young man replied: "Master!, I was a leper. You cured me of my leprosy. What else can I do?" Jesus heaved a sigh and walked away.

In another street he saw a man madly pursuing a beautiful woman. Jesus caught hold of him and asked him: "Son! Why do you desecrate your body by indulging in such a sinful act?" The man replied: "Master! I was really blind. You gave me vision. What else can I do?"

Jesus trudged along another street. He saw an old man crying bitterly. Jesus approached him and gently touched him. The old man wiped his tears and looked at Jesus. Jesus questioned him: "Why are you weeping old man?" The old man said: "Master! I was nearly dead. You granted me life. What else can I do except weep in this old age?"
In times of difficulty and distress, we cry out for God's help. But when God, out of His boundless love and compassion, responds to our prayer, we ignore Him and fall back into our self-centered life. One must guard oneself against this greatest sin of ingratitude towards God.

Yisrael said...

Yes to be grateful always - if we look around and see what we do have - we may be surprised at what we see. we may see how fortunate we are to have such a nice roof over our heads - or we may see such natural beauty of the mountains and the lakes.

Just to be able to look up and see the stars when in so many places the lights from the city are so bright the stars seem to have vanished.

So gratitude for what we have, our health, a roof, a beautiful natural view, a car, or a bike, - or even healthy feet on which to walk - being grateful for what we have - is the pre-cursor for enjoying the abundance the Universe wishes us to enjoy.

Be grateful that you have a commun ity - many do not - they live in rural areas with no one to share their faith.

Be grateful you have friends who understand your G-d intoxication - your musical Devotion - your Love of the Masters and all the Buddhas and Bodhistavahs.

Be grateful that there are places arising on the web that nurture you and challenge you to be more - to expand - to become that which you seek!

Even Moses had to learn this basic lesson. When he came down from the mountain with the tablets of stone and saw the people had lost their faith in him and his ability to speak One on One with the Divine - he was angered and cast down the tablets and broke them.

This is Oral and written tradition - His anger rose and he cursed the people. When he returned to the mountain G-d gave him the tablets again. He was told he would not enter the promised land himself.

Because he allowed his anger to rule him and he destroyed that which G-d had given him - he even destroyed some of the people. Later it is recoreded in scripture that he died overlooking the Holy Land and Joshua led the people into the promissed land.

So even Moses was not exempt. He looked and he saw negatively and he let anger rule - when we look and we see what we don't have rather than what we do have - we loose focus and possibly even connection.

Thank you for this reminder. May we all focus on the Blessings - the gifts that we do have, may we all become an example of Sacred Blessing and abundance - "..for all the Earth is Thine".

And may the gifts flow to all of us that we may spread the Joy around. - Love and Light