Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

“See The Light” Comment/Question : The entry yesterday on VBV Blog brought this question/ Comment: Dear Babaji, Dear Guruji: It may be that there are people who always are speaking the truth, always are acting right, who are connected with God, and who are seeing the light. Why do [those] people, then, need a Guru or a Master?

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji: This is a fair question. Why? Since the beginning of time, God has sent teachers, Gurus, from the higher dimensions of wisdom and love to mankind. It is written: “When the student is ready, the teacher comes into the awareness.” Be aware that a teacher is not always a person or an Enlightened Master. Any experience may be a great teacher, for instance. And, eternally, through all the dimensions, this is how it is! Do you think one stops learning, experiencing when he remembers enlightenment, that he is a part of God? No, a million times, No! Creation is an endless, eternal experience. In a rudraksha bead (nutshell), this is why everyone is blessed and incurs benefits by having a Guru, a teacher, regardless of what dimension one is experiencing. My friends, the Guru is with you to lovingly and strictly adhere to Divine Will by assisting you to reach the next higher dimension that awaits your presence. It is written, and It is So!

Rudraksha Bead Mala
Rudraksha (Sanskrit: rudrākṣa ("Rudra-eyed")) is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree whose seed is traditionally used for prayer beads (mala) in Hinduism. The seed is borne by several species of Elaeocarpus with E. ganitrs being the principal species used in the making of a bead chain or mala. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra and ākṣa ("eye”).


Anonymous said...

The Marriage of the Soul

Descending to the earth, that strange intoxicating beauty of the unseen world lurks in the elements of nature.

And the soul of man,who has attained the rightful balance,
becoming aware of this hidden joy,
straightaway is enamored and bewitched.

And from this mystic marriage are born the poets' songs, inner knowledge,the language of the heart, virtuous living,
and the fair child Beauty.

And the Great Soul gives to man as dowry the hidden glory of the world.

~Shabistari (Sufi Mystic)~

Anonymous said...

it is said that Dakshinamurti, an Incarnation of Shiva, one day was walking along the shore and watching how the sea was steadily purifying itself by washing all rubbish that had come into it ashore by the continuous movement of its waves. and so it is said He understood that eternal vigilance is the price for peace and happiness. JGD