Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

Swami Vishwananda
Swami Vishwananda: When you receive love, let the love flow. Increase this love inside of you and let it flow. Feel it in each part of your body, increase it and send it out. You can send it to somebody that you know. You can send it to nature. You can send it to whatever, but let this love always flow. You will see that when you have increased this love inside of you and you have sent it out, nature itself will increase in double what you have sent and send it back to you.

When this round happens [cause and effect, universal principle, what goes around comes around], this sending out and receiving love, it is healthy. But many people do not do it because it’s easier just to receive love and then to keep it. So, open up! That’s what is important. Know that every moment, every second, every time you think of something positive, you think of God. When you think of something nice, you receive this love of God, you receive this energy of God. Let this love work through you, let it work through each part of your body and also let it flow out, then it will grow.

Note: A comment was placed on this blog’s entry, “Terror is Dangerous for the Soul,” on January 22, 2010, under the name, Tarun. The comment spoke of helping children in correlation with table tennis training with OM Healing. The comment was forwarded to Swami Vishwananda’s OM Healing Group in Springen. Triambhakeshwari would like to place the story on Swami Vishwananda’s OM Healing website. Tarun, if you do not mind your birth name being used for this, place write: Otherwise, do you give your permission for the OM Healing website to publish your comment under the name, “Tarun?” You may comment here if only “Tarun” may be used and I will forward your permission to Springen. Thank you. –Utpalavati


Anonymous said...

Tarun called that which he taught the children "yoga". was it an OM Healing circle in the sense of or was it yoga with chanting OM e.g. three times at the beginning and at the end of a yoga session? JGD

Tarun said...

Dear Utpalavati,

thank You for the tip of the hat.

It´s only a little story and i feel a little bit ashamed and happy at the same time.

What is my bhaktimarga-work in relationship to my sisters and brothers?

Of course sister triambhakeshwari can use my birth name (or also Tarun).


PS) i will send a copy of this mail to her as well.

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

To Tarun: A dear frind wrote this to me this morning about a certain version of the "Ramayana" which he is reading:

"...when the monkeys were carrying stones, trees, etc. and throwing them into the water, Hanuman spotted a small squirrel carrying grains of sand.[Some versions of the "Ramayana" say that the name of Ram was written on the stones and they floated to make the bridge. Perhaps the bridge was built with a combination of both the floating stones and the trees and hills thrown into the water.] Hanuman criticized her [the squirrel], “Hey squirrel get out of the way because the monkeys could step on you.”

Then suddenly Rama appeared in front of Hanuman and said: “Dear Hanuman, don’t criticize her. Everybody wants to help and serve the Lord. It is not important whether you are big or small, and do big or small things. Everybody serves the Lord according to their abilities, and each service has the same importance to the Lord.”

Perhaps The Great Ram is "speaking" to your comment, #2, today, through what my friend wrote earlier this morning!

Tarun said...

To the 1. comment:

Here my mail to sister triambhakesh:

"... Let me say, please, that i don´t have an OM circle or a Yoga group. Some children in school in the age of 9/10 or eleven years who like to play table tennis with me. And because they were making trouble (and i didn´t know what to do) i started with Yoga a bit and some words about the meaning of Yoga. That´s all.

i would like to tell you a little secret :-):

When i started they coudn´t be quiet because it was so funny for them. So, i said that who is able to keep the mound quiet will be the winner and - it helped :-)"

To the 3. comment:

i don´t hope that The Great Ram speaks to me. Perhaps He will tell me things which i woulndn´t like to hear...

Mahavatar Babaji and Guriji - there is enough to understand and to accept for me.

From my heart

Thank you