Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let God and Masters Work Through You

2010 New Year Prayers Offered to Mahavatar Kriya Babaji by Swami Vishwananda

Swami Vishwananda:
You may choose to become committed to sitting for an hour or more every day. In this time just be with your own Self and enjoy it. Enjoy being with your Self. . . and Talk . . . and you will see that deep inside there will be a voice coming out. And for each thing that you ask, you will receive an answer.

And then . . . ...Through charity, through service and through love, many people have experienced so much. And if you really want to experience the same thing, open up your heart and let Jesus work through you; let Krishna work through you; let God work through you. Through that you will realize His Love. You will realize that He is always with you. You will know how much He Loves you and how much you can love.

OM Healing—Meditation:
Mahavatar Babaji transmitted to Swami Vishwananda’s OM Healing Meditation
Groups recently: Fear is one of the greatest stumbling blocks on the path of remembered enlightenment. Our OM Healing Technique frees the soul to radiate from the heart outward into the physical world. Within the OM Healing Circles, one may literally transcend fear. Fear dissipates through the sound that OM generates. In the OM Healing Circles, participants become aware of dropping layers of armor piled on through fear accumulated in many lifetimes.

Gurudev Swami Vishwananda: Very often, when I talk about meditation, people get stressed and nervous about what is awaiting them. You see, to come into contact with this love and to feel this Divine Love, one has to be calm. If one is not calm, it is quite difficult to feel it. Just remove all the pressure from your shoulders and travel inwardly, calmly.


Anonymous said...

beautiful video!

Anonymous said...

A Guru once told a story: When he was a little boy at school, in a maths exam he scored 9 of 10 possible points. The teacher slapped him for making just only one mistake, and this too in front of the class. In the afternoon the boy happened to meet his maths teacher again in the street. The teacher hugged him and gave him sweets. So the boy was dumbstruck and asked the teacher: why did you slap me in the morning, but now you are hugging me? The teacher replied: you know, you are a smart boy. you are good at maths. If I slap you, I know this will inspire you to score ten points next time! But if I slap the other pupils in your class, even if I knock them down, you know, they will not improve in maths unfortunately...
And the Guru concluded thus: it is the same in life as it is in maths, and a Guru often behaves like a math teacher...JGD

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Thank you for 2nd comment. There is a wonderful lesson/reminder in the story. And...maybe some of us have memories of such that have happened to us with our Master working through us!... :)

Tarun said...

2 the third comment:

no, i can´t remember any story from our master :-)))


Anonymous said...

The Above Video from Bakti Marga with the Guru Stotram being sung is the most powerful thing on this site - to date - for me, anyway.

I Urge you all to use it as a meditation - a devotional Heart Opening experience. I can not thank you enough - whoever posted this and decided to share it - Thank You - Namaste, Namaste, Namo Namah! Please - please Be The Real Deal!!!