Friday, January 22, 2010

Terror is Dangerous for the Soul

Narashima Fourth Incarnation of Vishnu-Narayana
Swami Vishwananda: Narasimha was the half-man/half-lion, fourth incarnation of Vishnu-Narayana. He incarnated briefly for one purpose. Bhakta Prahlad, Vishnu’s young devotee’s life was threatened by the demon, Hiranyakashipur. The part-lion, part-man incarnation of Lord Vishnu came to Earth to kill the demon and save his devotee, Bhakta Pralad. Narasimha demonstrated for man that God is omnipresent.

The form of Narasimha, most of the time, appears very terrifying. He seems terrifying, because whatever negativity we have inside of us, also is terrifying for the soul. Actually, terror is a danger for the soul. So the form of Narashima is more terrifying than terrifying itself. When all this negativity that is inside of us says, “Look, I am great,” what does the Lord show us? He says, “Ok, you are great, but I am the greater one!” Then He shows Himself in His more powerful form. And this Ugra form is His form of anger. The Lord expresses anger to kill the anger, pride, egoism inside of us. He is showing us that He is above all this. And if you hang onto Him, He will strip all this negativity out, but only if you surrender; without surrender it is difficult. If you want to do something in life, then give yourself completely to it. If you just touch on this, or touch on that, little by little, it will never work.

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Master Christ Jesus
COMMENT AND RESPONSE: To the Person who commented on “See The Light” entry: My question to Mahavatar Kriya Babaji is: What advice can you give me to get rid of lecherous and intemperate thoughts and feelings.

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji: Help in any form must be sought genuinely. You know that cleanliness of thought brings purity of action and feelings. Here is a simple formula for manifesting pure thoughts, (thoughts generate feelings) for anyone who sincerely wants this P U R I T Y:

P - is for the purity of the Christ, be like His example. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”
U - is for the Unity of thoughts, words, and actions.
R - is for retribution that surely will come. Avoid thoughts that will bring reprisal that you consider unsavory.
I - is for the I AM within you which is the purest of pure. Find that, follow that which is the spiritual heart.
T - is for tomorrow which never comes. Be in the present and watch your thoughts in the present without thinking of past and future as their illusionary nature does not belong in the present.
Y - is for Yama, Lord of Death. Do not wait to control your thoughts until Yama comes to collect his dues. For surely Yama will come.

Purity your thoughts now, and in every moment of present time. Many teachings of which you know about give you guidelines for rectifying the correction you write about in this question. Let it be that you are sincere in the asking and sincere in your intentions herein.

-Babaji, one who loves you all, no matter what!


Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

in school i train some children in table tennis. to train children about 2 hours is something like beeing a tamer :-), sometimes.

The group was very nervous and i said to "my children" that i´m going to stop my teaching in case that... i didn´t really know what to do.

Then i started with Yoga. Now at the beginning and at the end of the training we are sitting together for some minutes in a circle and excercise OM and quietness.

Of course, at first they laughed a lot. But last time they asked me to do Yoga again and - everybody was quiet.

So, i learned that Yoga is much, much better then to threat :-) and the atmosphere in our little group is also much better then before.

Thank you for sharing this little story with me.


Anonymous said...