Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Only Path is to Love and Be Love

Swami Vishwananda:You are all here for one truth. This truth is love, equal in all of you, and present in each one of your hearts. This love is waiting to come out and to express itself. But so often there is a blockage. So often there is a wall that stops man from loving unconditionally. When you realize that the only path is to love and to be love, you realize how much God loves his creation. The same way God loves, the same way you can love. All other kinds of love are secondary, because all of you are here to become love.To become this love there are many obstacles you have to overcome. People think to love God is to love something separate from them. Like whenever we pray, we pray to the outside. We should stop separating the Divine and us. Try your best always to pray. It doesn’t matter which kind. When you talk with God, talk with the True Self inside you. Do it from your heart.

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