Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Ram Hey Ram

Swami Vishwananda
In the life of Rama, Rama wanted to cross over the ocean to go to Lanka to get Sita. So He fasted for many days and prayed to Varuna, the Ocean God. He said, “Clear the way that we can pass. ” But after three days, still the Sea God has not appeared. Lakshmana, the brother of Rama was short-tempered and this angered him. Lakshmana took his arrow and said to the Ocean, “Ocean, I will dry you up.” Rama saw that and rushed to His brother, saying: “Brother what are you doing? My dear brother, I will tell you something, what you are trying to do right now is to kill Maya by Maya. It’s impossible, you can’t remove illusion by illusion. What you see here is an illusion, and how would you kill illusion by illusion?” The way to remove illusion is only by God’s name and spiritual practices.

Hey Ram Hey Ram bhajan/prayer below:
1. AUDIO sung by Sambhudda December Concert at Springen
2. VIDEO: Hey Ram Hey Ram sung by Jagjit Singh
3. LYRICS meaning in English

AUDIO: Click Link for Sambhudda singing Lord Rama Prayer/bhajan (audio), Hey Ram, Hey Ram at December, 22, 2009 Bhakti Marga Concert at Springen Center. LINK:

Hey Ram Hey Ram

Lyrics: Hey Ram Hey Ram - meaning in English:
Oh Ram, your name is the true name in this word.
You are mother, father, and you are Shyam of Radha.
You are knower of what is inside the heart, Lord of all.
The four abodes are in your feet.
You destroy, as well as create, all the works of this world.
You are the creator of this world.
You are the morning and evening.
Oh Ram, your name is the true name in this word.,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that He, Ram is also Shyam of Radha...

Anonymous said...

Today people have no regard for truth. Many people do not really mean what they speak. They have something in their mind but say just the opposite. They manipulate their words according to the person and situation. Truth is that which does not change with time. Truth is changeless in past, present and future. Truth is one, not two.JGD

Tarun said...

to the second comment:

"Truth is one, not two"

i believe that people have regard to the truth. Inside they want it.

"Truth is that which does not change with time".

Who can manage all the crazy circumstances of Life without manipulate words?

Who is perfect?

Anonymous said...

to justify untruth by living in a crazy world in my opinion is not fair, and will probably not help you any further, Swamiji has said again and again, first you have to be truthful towards yourself, otherwise, how will you be truthful towards others? And sorry, this blog is about moving towards enlightenment, or did I misunderstand something here? So why complain about having to strive for some kind of perfection?JGD

Anonymous said...

to third comment:untruth may bring social recognition, but only truth will bring you God´s recognition. So whose recognition do you prefer?