Saturday, January 9, 2010

Letter-Poem From Babaji - Fly Like The Eagles

My dear friends,
I send you greetings from the stars.
The wellness center within you
cries in the night to be released
into your cells to make you whole.
I hear you!
Ride this wind of time and change
into transformation,
and remember that which you experience
at night in the etheric body.
Learn to be free like
Vishnu's vahana, Garuda.
Fly like the Eagles into the ethers of forever.
Be free.

am Babaji, your eternal friend. Amen and OM


Narayana-Vishnu with Mahalakshmi
being conveyed by
Vishnu's Vhanna
Garuda The Eagle


Anonymous said...

Thanks and Love1

Tarun said...

Who i am?

my mind and my heart are in trouble.

my heart cries and my mind doesn´t want it. Sorry - i have enough reasons to be happy.

You blessed my family and me and probably more then i can imagine

this is what i feel -
this is what i know