Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Letter From Babaji - Open Your Heart and Change

Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji
Swami Vishwananda: We come together for what? Very often people come together to gossip, the favorite topic of people. People who are on the spiritual path like to be together to praise God.

Mahavatar Babaji: Someone made the following comment on VBV yesterday: “I read that in a recent… Satsang, Swami Vishwananda asked…[someone] to explain something which is true for almost all of us. I remember… [the person Swami Vishwananda asked to explain] said something like: people come to Springen for spirituality, but then they find something else or someone else. ...

So here everyone should look at himself/herself first. Some may be more prone to also liking other Gurus too much, but one can get a focus only with one Satguru. Others may be prone to be more tempted to start a relationship with someone of the other sex which also distracts from God in a way. Others may be more prone to be drawn too much to the outside by giving to much attention to their beautiful dresses and hairstyles, or their performances in the arts or as a healer etc. Many talk too much, especially about others. The list is endless, and each of us may have his or her specific weakness. So [there is] no reason to talk about others; it is better to do some self-inquiry. (end of comment).

Mahavatar Babaji: My Dear Internet Chelas and all people who may read this: In truth, many spiritual Masters throughout time have taught this lesson Swami Vishwananda was speaking about in the Satsang referenced in the comment above. It is truth no matter who writes it, says it or teaches this truth. All of you know this to be truth! Yet, anyone who observes himself and others in life, whether it be at Swami Vishwananda’s Springen or elsewhere, will see this truth before his eyes and within his ears. Please take inventory of yourself regarding this great lesson and take it to heart and into your every thought, word and action, I humbly request of you.

Humble yourself, and change if you perceive that change will align you with Divine Will. Remember that humility is a characteristic of human nature the Divine most dearly loves.
If you read the introduction to Swami Vishwananda’s Satsang talk on gossip and judgment referenced above in the comment, you will read: "Swami Vishwananda: Jai Gurudev! (Satsang audience: Jai Gurudev!) It was just a quick decision of doing a Satsang, because today I didn’t spend much time with the people here. So you didn’t see me much. This (the Satsang) gives a chance to be all together.”

Babaji Continues:
Swami Vishwananda is omniscient, what might he have heard from some of the people who were there that day at Springen Center, as they gathered together? Was there gossip? Was there judgment of others? What did the people do that day? Did they spend the day in meditation, in prayer, in chanting the Holy Names, in OM Healing Circles, in reading the Holy Scriptures, in the temple, in the chapel, with the holy items, or walking in the nature of the beautiful grounds? Did each idly spend the day waiting for the Guru to appear and hopefully talk individually with them? Of course, it is choice what each does with his life, and we are not judging anyone, but only asking questions with the idea that each reading this, who was there, or not there, at Springen for this Swami Vishwananda’s Satsang of which we are speaking, will ask these questions of himself and choose not to focus on what others were doing that day or ever.

We know for certain that Swami Vishwananda did not spend his day in gossip and talking about others, isn’t it? Do you think an Enlightened Master sometimes takes a physical illness onto himself to alleviate his devotees' and disciples' karma? And then in his wisdom, does he use such an illness to teach certain lessons in various ways to those self-same devotees and disciples? What kind of example did Swami Vishwananda exemplify for his devotees and disciples the day and night of which we are speaking?

The night of the Satsang he chose, out of love, to spontaneously have an unscheduled spiritual Satsang with all those who were there in the evening? And…what was his message…his topic, along with his spiritual uplifting music and singing? Then this story, his example and teaching has literally gone around the world. I request those of you, who resonate with my vibration, to choose to ask yourselves these questions and not focus on what others were doing that day and are doing now. And as Swami Vishwananda said in one of his recent messages: “Open your heart and change.”

With Love, I am Babaji, one who always is your champion and your stand for truth, and light, and love, and enlightenment.

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Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

Yours Love is the strongest Love which i have ever seen and felt. Of course there are words and things which make me thinking and...

i think this is so because the most interesting and touching points are laying behind Your words and actions. Sometimes it needs time to understand and to accept Your teaching, especially in case it hurts.

i feel that You want serious discussions. But even this is not easy to handle because whatever i receive from You is a präsent.

How can i relate a präsent?
What reason should be there to ask others about a präsent?
What can i tell?

Perhaps i can ask and say my opinions sometimes.

A gift is a gift and i hope i will never forget it :-).

Much, much Love