Monday, January 4, 2010

Judging Others Equals Judgment of Self

Master Christ Jesus Sermon on the Mount
Swami Vishwananda:
The word Satsang means “To come together.” We come together for what? Very often people come together to gossip, the favorite topic of people. Whenever there is something to gossip about, people like to be together. People, who are on the spiritual path, like to be together also to praise God. So like that, there are different ways where people come together to be heard, to discuss, to share, and that is what makes us strong. Coming together makes one strong within one’s self.

Of course one can practice one’s spiritual path alone, which is strong also. When you come together, the energy is completely different. It’s like everybody has one goal and everybody is vibrating the same frequency; it’s much stronger. So, that’s what the word Satsang means, to come together, to unite with one energy, one goal. We are not coming together in Satsang to see how beautiful this one is dressed. We are not coming together to hear how beautiful my voice may be, or how beautiful somebody else’s voice may be. We are not coming together to make ourselves interesting. We come together so that we can build up our foundation in ourselves and we can build up our strength towards God-realization or Self-realization.

It’s sad to see that nowadays when people come together it’s mostly to talk about other people, to gossip about what the other person has been doing. But what the person has done is not your business; it’s the person’s business. Mind your own business; but that’s what people do not do nowadays. They don’t look at themselves, but they do look at others, forgetting what Christ said: “The fault that you see in other people, the judgment you put onto others is your own judgment towards yourself”.

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Anonymous said...

I read that in a recent Christmas Satsang Swami Vishwananda asked Vishwavijayananda to explain something, which is true for almost all of us: I remember Vijaya said something like: people come to Springen for spirituality, but then they find something else or someone else. ... yes, so here everyone should look at himself/herself first. Some may be more prone to also liking other Gurus too much, but one can get a focus only with one Satguru, others may be prone to be more tempted to start a relationship with someone of the other sex,which also distracts from God in a way, others may be more prone to be drawn too much to the outside by giving too much attention to their beautiful dresses and hairstyles,or their performances in the arts or as a healer etc. many talk too much, especially about others.the list is endless and each of us may have his or her specific weakness... so no reason to talk about others, better to do some self inquiry ;)