Friday, July 16, 2010

Mahavatar's Evolving Yantra - Letter from Babaji

Utpalavati: Dear Readers, Friends and disciples of Babaji: Mahavatar Babaji wishes me to show, through what we will share today on this blog, a particular sequence of events that clearly shows how all experiences on this planet and all people are connected and that: "We Are One."

A disciple of Swami Vishwananda in Switzerland wrote an email this morning asking this question: "I have a brief question. While browsing through the Internet searching for a specific article I saw this yantra (see yantra diagram on right above). Now I wonder why the yantra in Babaji's book (Unity With the Divine, Yantra pictured on left above) has two triangles (put on each other like a star) and why before or in another group the Yantra was given just with one triangle?"

Babaji responds to questioner and I (Utpalavati) sent His response through email to Switzerland this morning: Dear One, I have given to different disciples diverse Yantra diagrams throughout time. If you will look at the appropriate appendix in "Unity With The Divine" (Babaji's transmitted book), we explain how my Yantra has evolved throughout time even as mankind has evolved. Knowledge has exploded in the last 50 - 100 years as you know. While we are in the ending stages of the Kali Age, we are merging also into the next age or Golden Age. Through this merging much knowledge is arriving into our awareness. Presently, it is our job to take this knowledge and embrace wisdom from it by placing it into our lives at the highest level of Divine Love as your Guru, Swami Vishwananda teaches. Mankind's process of merging from one age to another is reflected in my Yantra as it applies to my evolving mission on Earth.

Utpalavati wrote, along with Babaji's response, to the questioner: You will notice that in the Yantra you send, the triangle does not connect with the square and the square does not connect with the circle. Babaji transmitted to me when He was writing "Unity..." that now they connect and He explains why in His appendix pertaining to His evolving mission and its reflection in His Yantra (see Link below after reading rest of this entry).

When I (Utpalavati) woke up this morning I meditated on what I should place on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog today as I had nothing prepared as I often do, and Babaji told me I should place a picture. I asked Him in meditation what picture He meant and He told me to open up my computer and He would guide me to the picture. As you may have guessed, He led me to His Yantra picture you have in your email (see picture on right above along with Babaji's present Yantra on the left that He placed in His "Unity With the Divine").

The questioner in Switzerland then wrote another email as I was following Babaji's guidance and writing this entry for you all which Babaji wishes to share. Mahavatar now says: Dear Friends I wish you to see this simple way in which we all are connected. I love you one and all. I am not recommending that you feel or create the same life processes as my disciple in Switzerland as is written below. Rather I am sharing the Oneness, the forever connection we all have within us through sharing what this disciple has written after our Email in response to the question was received.

Disciple from Switzerland writes: " Dear Utpalavati, thank you and Babaji for your answers. I was very touched as I am often when reading Babaji's and your texts.

"When reading your answer I realized that I did read about the Yantra but I had forgotten about it. I think I am a very visual person like many people in the West. So after reading the appendix again and looking at both pictures there is more feeling from where to where things are moving though I will have to read his text a third time and look at the pictures once again. Also, I realized that often we think we understood something and then later we find out that we didn't or that our understanding changes with time due to our evolution. So the message for me is to reread Babaji's text again and again and see how things change in my understanding and knowledge and not to be arrogant and put things aside with the thought: 'Oh I read this so I am done with it.' Thank you very much for your answers."

Please click on the following Link for a previous entry on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda which explains the meaning of Babaji's Yantra as it stands today and as He wrote about in his book:

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