Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: Monkey Mind

What is truth? The ravages of time have obscured the meaning of the Divine Truth of that which is eternal and unchanging. Monkeys evolve into human beings through evolution and the creative process of time. When the truth be told, man is not monkey and monkey is not man. You share the same genetic propensity to evolve from animal to man to God-Man.

Man, in this ending Kali Age, truthfully displays his animal nature and brain in much of his activities. Have you noticed? The destruction of nature and the imbalance it is currently enduring and displaying has been caused by this animal nature in man. It has been said by a wise master on this planet that man has a monkey mind. This is truth. Do you comply with man’s monkey mind or not?

There is a tradition in India whereby pesky monkeys who disturb households and children can be caught. The householder takes a jar with a small opening at the top, just big enough for the monkey’s paw to fit inside through the opening. The householder places a tasty treat that the monkey likes inside the jar. Lo and behold, when the monkey inserts his paw inside the jar and takes hold of the treat, the opening is not large enough to withdraw both the monkey’s paw and the treat he holds inside his paw. The monkey will not let go; he will not detach from his desire for the treat which would immediately bring him freedom. The householder, thereby, has caught the monkey through the monkey’s desire and his reluctance to detach from his desire.

It is said in India, then, that a man who will not detach from his desires is a hopeless case for enlightenment, isn’t it? The desire-filled mankind traps itself in third-dimension as surely as the monkey traps himself with his desire for the tasty treat. Do you have a monkey mind? Do you wish for enlightenment? How do you gage your prospects as they pertain to your desires and your detachment from them? It is a fair question, is it not? It is truth, isn’t it, that man’s desires for worldly things keep him returning again and again to the Earthly realms?

My friends, enlightenment can be made simple by simply letting go of the tasty treats, so-called, of Earthly design. Then you are free to do what the Christ taught: “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal…Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest shall be added unto you.” What the Christ taught you is truth of the highest order. When you comply with this teaching of Christ, you thereby become what your Guru, Swami Vishwananda teaches you: Find this Divine Love in your heart and spread it, and you, thereby, have reached the truth of you and you become a Jivan Mukti, a God-Man. So Let It Be! -Babaji

Note from Utpalavati: For those of you who read Babaji’s letters I wish to share how “friendly” and totally delightful He is sometimes. I am now very familiar with His vibration, His voice, Him, that I feel comfortable with any way He presently is being. Most often He is totally noble, God-like, He can be the elevated High Spiritual Teacher, sometimes He portrays something like an older employer who is dictating to his secretary, sometimes Babaji is seemingly young like a teenager in His exuberance for His subject, etc. He displays many faces as He transmits His letters to you all. Of course, it is always a blessing to be with Him.

I sometimes within all of this ask Babaji if He will give me a “sign” that it is Him and not my conscious mind at that moment that is wanting to write His letter. Many signs he has given me over and over, every time I ask which is not always, of course. For this letter which he transmitted last night, He responded to my request for a sign with the following: Babaji smiled and suddenly reached out His pinkie, or little finger, crooked or bent, reminding me of a game we played as children in the US, America. He said in the style of the children’s game: ‘Give me your little finger and swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.” True to my childhood game, I extended my little finger in the crooked position. Like in the game structure, Babaji entwined his little finger around mine and began transmitting the first sentence of his letter, which is as you have read: “What is truth?”

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