Monday, July 26, 2010


Swami Vishwananda: If you take the name of any deity, take the name of Rama, take Krishna, they all have a Guru, they all have a teacher to guide them, they are the embodiment of the Divine fully. They could have said it's okay we don't need one, and that's that, yet they show that in life one needs the blessing of a Guru and the way to receive it is through satsang, through gathering. In general why do people go to a master and receive what the master is giving? You see, it is because the master carries the amrit, the nectar, even when you don't perceive it with the mind, but you do receive it , through satsang, through our talk you are receiving something and what you are receiving is contributing to your advancement. What you are receiving, even you receive it without knowing, is the amrit. . .So being in the now is the greatest gift, being in the present moment is the greatest gift. Enjoy the nectar, enjoy the sweetness…


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