Sunday, July 25, 2010


"Guru Purnima is when all the Masters and Saints are venerated." - Swami Vishwananda


GURU PURNIMA July 25 2010


Utpalavati prelude to Babaji’s message: After I posted this blog I went into meditation. In Meditation, I visualized the many Masters I have consciously known in both the etheric realms and embodied in this incarnation. As I felt great love and gratitude for the love and help these many Masters have showered into my lifestream, Babaji suddenly appeared.

This beloved Master of Masters stood in His Himalayan Mahavatar Babaji form with white dhoti reaching from waist to mid-calf. Babaji’s long dark hair, with copper highlights, shimmered in His own radiant light which exuded outward from his form with a perceptible love for humanity. Babaji’s face seemed to be as if His own sun was rising from within His form and projecting its light outwardly. As I knelt in front of Him, Babaji placed a fresh, dewy flower on my head and then placed His hand on the flower at the center of my crown chakra. Hours later, I am greatly humbled by this Param Guru experience (Param Guru: the Guru Beyond; the Guru's Guru), and I continue to feel the flower and the hand of Babaji on my physical head.

MAHAVATAR BABAJI: Let you be a representative for mankind and the ones who resonate with our work together. I bless you all. Blessed be the ones who drink at the fountain of youth that comes from the eternal well-spring of Spiritual Masters who walk and talk on planet Earth. Down through time, we venerate this continuous flow of Enlightened Masters the Divine sends to walk with mankind and to love humanity through the vibration they carry. This Divine frequency advances mankind’s own energy and assists man on his ever forward evolutionary path to freedom of the Soulself.

Let it be this day that love and gratitude fills the heart of you all as we connect in the oneness of the Divine Light which shines from the heart space of each and every one of you. It is my delight and joy that you all come in peace and understanding of the Oneness through your Guru and Master Swami Vishwananda’s love and teachings. All people on Earth, I hold within my heart and I bless you one and all this day of days when the Teacher, the Guru is honored in your world, your hearts and your minds. Let It Be. It is written and it is so! I love you. - Babaji

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Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

Thank You For Everything.