Friday, July 2, 2010

“My Mission” - Swami Vishwananda

Swami Vishwananda:
“If you fill your heart with love for God
and can attune yourself to the Divine,
you will acquire true knowledge
that is not found in books and theory.
My mission is to spread Divine love.
The main base of my mission is to
open up the hearts of people.
You see, the word 'Love' itself has so
many meanings nowadays,
that people have forgotten the true
aspect of Love, the Unconditional Love.
And Unconditional Love is what will change
the world; all the other forms of Love
have expectations.
But when one feels this real Love
inside one’s heart, it’s beyond all expectations.
And only with this Love can peace be restored."
Sri Swami Vishwananda

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OM --
In the beginning was the word; and the word was with God;
and the word was God." -Gospel of John - Bible

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