Sunday, July 4, 2010

How They Express Their Love

Swami Vishwananda: To surrender is one thing, but how will you surrender if you do not have pure love from your heart—difficult. Pure love from one’s heart makes the Divine serve you. That is what God wants, that you awaken this Divine Love so that you can love like He loves. Then you can spread the same love everywhere and you become an instrument of this love. But to become an instrument of this love, you have to let pure love from your heart awaken. And once it is awakened, you will see that whatever you do will be only for Him.

When the pure love awakens, there will be no sign of negativity.
Know one thing: Whenever you do good people will be always against you. Why? Because inwardly, they would like to do something the same, but they can’t. They try their best, but yet they can’t. Then what happens? They become against. This is how they express their love.

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