Saturday, July 17, 2010

Swami-Personal Relationship with Babaji / Om Healing Story

Swami Vishananda giving Arati to Mahavatar in Babaji Cave - Shree Peetha Nilaya Swami Vishwananda Speaks on Cultivating Relationship with Mahavatar Babaji
Of course everybody has a different relationship to Mahavatar or to the Deity. This personal relationship is very good actually, very important. Without the personal relationship one can’t grow and one never will notice the intimacy between the Beloved and the lover. Only when one becomes this lover one will ignite this. This is very important; without this personal relationship between the Master and the disciple it is difficult.

But yet, whenever someone thinks of a personal relationship with a Master, they think that it always has to be sweet, sweet and soft, soft. No, the Master is like…have you ever seen a metal worker when they are heating the iron bar, they are tapping with strength, very rough to make it nice at the end. That metal turns out to be shinny and polished and very nice. But when you look at the smith making it, you will think that he is a cruel person because of his tapping it (the metal) very hard with power, always for what? If the Master is soft always the student will never learn anything. That is a mistake when one follows a Master, especially in the West, they think a Master has to be how they want Him to be. They don’t know that the Master is a Master and He challenges everything.

The same thing is with Mahavatar, one has to have this inner relationship with the Paramguru, (the Guru beyond your Guru or your Guru’s Guru). Don’t expect that he will be soft, soft and sweet, sweet inside (inside you). His sweetness is in the challenge that He will give. That is how He will make one stronger. The same thing I was just telling that the goldsmith tapping on the gold hard is so that he can remove all impurity out, so that he can make the gold fine. The same thing as the Master who makes the disciple fine.

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OM Healing Story from Vamadeva -- UK: One of the participants in my OM Healing group, who often has visions, said part-way through one OM chanting that she saw Swami Vishwananda enter the hall. Swamiji tapped the visionary person on the shoulder. Then He walked through the Om Healing Circle, sat on an empty chair and started chanting with us. I know we are told that Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji are with us in our OM Healing Circles, but I never knew Swami would come along in His astral body and chant with us!!! - Hari bole – Vamadeva – UK

Note: Swami Vishwaanashuyananda, when he read this OM Healing story wrote: "I must admit, quite frankly. that people would not believe what Swami gets up to all the many stories I have heard from visitors of situations where he has helped people out in emergencies whilst physically he has been here in Springen. Swami Vishwananda is always helping others who do not know it or experience it [do not know that it is Swami helping them, yet they receive the help]. So keep the chair free Vamadeva for the next OM healing!"

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As I am continuously presented with challenges, and after many years on the spiritual path have not reached the goal, I found this excerpt to be particularly uplifting. Swami is truly a fountain of Divine Love.