Saturday, July 31, 2010

Letter from Babaji: Surmounting Time and Space

Image of Divine Mother appeared on picture of Mahavatar Babaji in Croatia at home of Swami Vishwananda's disciple.
Note from Utpalavati: I had posted this blog’s entry for yesterday morning at 3 a.m., and then looked on facebook and saw a picture of Swami Vishwananda where several people wrote something like: “Swami looks beautiful.” I thought, “Yes, and his eyes look sad to me as if he is all dressed up going to a birthday party with the “weight of the world” looking out of his beautiful eyes.” And I felt sad! And my heart hurt for the karma Gurudev takes on continuously. I thought this was just one of those fleeting, casual thoughts of the “stupid mind” as Swami calls it. The Divine, however, uses everything to guide us to higher light.

To my astonishment, I then instantaneously was transported consciously into the Himalayan Mountains walking toward Mahavatar Babaji, whom I saw a few feet in front of me sitting in front of an Himalayan cave in the early morning light just before dawn. In this dim light, just moments before sunrise, Mahavatar’s countenance gave the appearance of reflection, quietness, as if he was human and in deep, melancholy thought. He said to me as I come walking toward him: Greetings from the dawn of time to you and your world. I would like to say something. Babaji’s sadness looked so real, third-dimensional, and human that I had to mentally control my emotions and mind and remind myself not to feel distressed because his beautiful face looked very humanly gloomy. I reminded myself that Babaji had just “put on this face” to convey his message through mirroring mankind, and that he is Divine and eternally in bliss. Nevertheless, the look on his face was heartrending for a moment, as Babaji gave the appearance that he was human and needed a hug, for in this moment he seemed to be a convincing human being. I marveled at His ability to be different and so convincing in whatever role he plays each time I see him.

Abruptly, then I became aware of myself in the Himalayan mountains with Babaji and simultaneously in my physical body at home in America sitting at my computer ready to record Mahavatar’s words. -Utpalavati

Mahavatar Babaji:
I am sitting here contemplating the world-at-large in today’s time. Love is absent in many pockets of the world. It breaks my heart when your hearts are broken, my brethren of Earth, for we are one. The sooner everyone believes and acts upon this great Divine Principle, the sooner man will be free of the morass of contemporary problems which he, himself, has created. Why is it important for anyone to wander the wilderness of time and space to arrive at this understanding?

From the beginning of time it is so. The hidden design of man was created for a grand purpose in the ever-flowing love of the Divine. Now you all have reached a critical mass on Earth when it is time to reconsider all the programming, and all the conditioning, and all the problems you all have created. I sit here on Mt. Kailas today, right now in your time, and I look from this vantage point as if I were in your shoes, in your boots, and walking in your footsteps. I honor your right to be free and to be however you wish to be, and simultaneously I can do nothing less than encourage you to “pull yourself up by your boot straps” and walk as God-man. It is your divine right. It is time now to stop groveling in the dust and mire of materiality and run for the finish line of enlightenment as you know it. Why? It is time within the hidden plan of the Divine for those of you ready to walk the higher road to firmly determine within yourselves that you can do it. There is a saying: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” In that sense, there is no wrong; it’s a puzzle, isn’t it?” The glass is perceived half full or half empty by one’s own self-chosen perception, isn’t it?

When time runs out in the hourglass of time, where will you stand in your sadhana, your belief systems, your Divine Love index garnered and remembered from your journey through time and space. Will you have conquered the land of the free and the home of the brave, that is, Earth life? Will you have mastered life on Earth through mastering yourself, controlling your mind and walking the high road to freedom? This is the Divine design, for you master Earth life and graduate into higher vibration through mastering your very own self and taking your consciousness into the Self! Will you stand with the enlightened ones in the white robes of purity through cleansing and controlling your minds into the higher vibratory fields of Divinity? Each of you is Divine; are you at least in touch with this? Are you sincerely committed to be this and that? Let It Be as your heart guides you into this Divine Love which you are, always have been and ever will be. ‘It is Written,’ and ‘It is So,’ right now in your time.

I am Babaji, one who is thinking of you and holding you all in my heart of hearts. Be free, it is your birthright! Our eyes are ever upon you and our hearts are ever entwined with your Divine heart as we beat with the same Divine Heart of the whole of Creation. Amen and OM. –Mahavatar Babaji

Swami Vishwananda declared that the "eyes in the sky"in the video below are indeed "The Eyes of The Divine Mother”. The eyes appeared in the clouds during a hurricane in Kerch Strait, Croatia.

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