Saturday, July 3, 2010


- Swami Vishwananda -
Isn’t it beautiful to sing the name of Narayana?

Let yourself be drawn into it.
Such is the greatness of the name of God,
Whoever is singing with an open heart,
whoever is singing the name of God with faith,
will be pulled more inside of it.

the more you go into it, the more you lose
yourself in this Divine name.
The identity of being human disappears.
Then what stays is only the Divine
and that is what you really are.

If we remove the body, who are you?
The soul, isn’t it?
We are the soul with a stain on it.
The stain is in the mind.
However, by singing the name of God,
any aspect: Krishna, Jesus, Allah,
one begins to remove these stains.
But it has to be sung with devotion and love.

It is nice when you join together
and sing the name of God.
It creates a vibration,
an urge to merge with God.
That’s why it is very important,
wherever you are,
to find a few people and sing.
If you don’t know how to sing,
just recite His names.
While you are reciting, picture
the form in your mind.
Keep concentrating on the form
and let yourself go.
Let yourself merge into the Divine energy.
And enjoy it!

Remove all the darkness and barriers
from the mind
- Jump In -

This is BHAKTI!

Sri Swami Vishwananda:
Narayana Hari Om - singing the name of God

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