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Nityam Brahma niraakaaram – nirgunam bodheyet param;
Sarvam Brahma niraahaasam – deepo deepaantaram yathaa.

Just as one candle lights another, the Guru departs to the disciple
awareness of the Absolute Being who is eternal,
imperceptible and without form or attribute.

Guru Gita, Verse 109

Swami Vishwananda excerpt from a talk on Gurupurnima night, July 2005:

Gurupurnima is ending; it is the last hour. If possible look at the moon. Close your eyes and make the deepest wish that you want and your wish will be fulfilled. As I’ve explained before, everybody is in search of the Guru. When you find your Guru, be loyal to him. Dedicate yourself completely to the Guru.

There is a verse that says:

Gurur Brahma, Guru Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshvarah
Gurur Shakshat Param Brahma
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

Meaning: The Guru is the creator, The protector and the destroyer of ignorance. Being Param Brahma, being the incarnation of God manifest through the Guru to help each one until you reach the Self, until you reach the inner Guru.

Often people on this path become very dogmatic. When they have one Guru, they say, “This is the only way.” It’s true one has to be dedicated to the Guru. But to receive the blessing of all the Masters, this is the best.

People can see with their two eyes. With the physical eyes they see only the outside. But what is behind the Guru is the same light. The Guru will take your hand and bring you to a level where you can stand on your own feet. I don’t mean that you don’t need the Guru; he will always be there but he will put himself in the background. Then the inner Guru will become more important.

Guru Purnima Night

The Guru roams the starry skies of time
Betrothed to the Divine.
He steps into time…from time to time,
And out again in Divine time.
What is time, really…anytime?

Seashores have countless gains of sand.
What is sand to time?
Time is an illusion and
Sand is not as solid as one might think.
Sand feels solid to wet bodies
That lie down on the seashore
After a swim in the nearby refreshing ocean,
So-called salty. . . and cool.
Yet, bodies are not solid as we know for sure,
As even science now finally says.
Spiritual Traditions say truly. . .
Bodies are illusions in time. . .
As well as is the sand.

Ah, beware and be blessed
Oh Lover of the Guru,
The sands of time run out for everyone embodied,
When Lord Yama comes to call!

Thank the Divine, the atma lives on and on and on.
The Guru comes to factor in and out all this illusion
Into and out of human brain cells in time.
Then the Guru frees this illusion as He guides
His devotees to freedom’s gate
Residing in the Divine Heart of all mankind,
Where Divine Love reigns supreme,
And where Divine Love sits on the throne
Of your very own King Out of Time.

On Guru Purnima night, Shiva rides his Nandi bull,
And not a bicycle like ET of that called movie fame. . .
Shiva rides on Nandi, in world-viewing sight
Across the mystical, shimmering brightness
Of the full moon night.

Knowing all Earth life is a game in time. . .
Many flee from the wrath of Shiva,
The God known as bestowal of heavenly boons
That often seem to conceal a mysterious,
Powerful conundrum,
Frequently not in the receiver’s favor,
Like the boon Shiva gave to Ravana
In Lord Rama’s magnificent, epic time.
Wise souls pray to Shiva and attain His boon,
And then laughingly and confidently
Run for the heavenly cover of Lord Vishnu,
To Stand underneath the Guru’s banner of
“Everlasting and Timeless Holy Love Divine.”

Free yourselves of time, my friends,
And live in the eternal now With the Guru. . .
And with the Divine in and out of time,
On All-Guru Full Moon Night…
That magnificent, mysterious, lovely,
Effervescent night called…


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