Saturday, October 10, 2009

With The Arrival of Swami Vishwananda

In Greece recently in rare R & R moments:
Swami Vishwananda and Pritala (Swami Vishwavijayananda)

With the arrival of Swami Vishwananda in my life, I feel the love of God more and more in my heart. God’s love is an eternal flame that may grow every day until it envelops everything. The most important thing I have learned from Swami is to love. Love is the most beautiful thing that exists.Swami teaches us to love everyone unconditionally, all the time. In the end you always give love to God for He is in everything and every being. He is also the source of love. Love does not judge, love is patient, love is forever. When you love, God resides in you and you reside in God.At the end of your day, as at the end of your life, when you view all the good deeds you have done on Earth, the times you have loved will shine like precious jewels! —Pritalananda
[Excerpted from Blossoming Of The Heart]

Mahavatar Babaji says: When you feel love for that which you speak such as a Divine name, it IS the love from your own heart connected with the Oneness of Divinity which will transport you into the realms or vibration of Divine Consciousness. [Excerpted from Unity With The Divine]

OF INTEREST: For news of Swami Vishwananda's visit and work this week in Austria, please click on the "Sri Swami Vishwananda In German" blog on the sidebar of this blog (there are pictures). We will provide this information in English as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

True love is fearless isn´t it? So no foul excuses like I have no time to realize God in this life itself, I have no time for my exercises etc... and no doubt, as Swami Vishwananda said, to have a firm faith, like a strong big tree, that cannot be uprooted even in a tempest...So love is not just hope, as hope and fear are just the two sides of one coin?, I hope I will make it, but maybe I am too weak, or too lazy...? Like the Jedi Yoda told his disciple Luke: don´t say, I will try, do it or don´t do it, there is no such thing as: I will try...only love can give that faith, that patience, that determination?
but of course we don´t fight against outward enemies,as the Jedis did, just only against our own six inner enemies...

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

is Your live surrealistic? How can a "normal" person live a life like Yours? You are working a lot and without doubt I feel that You Love us from the bottom of Your hearts.

You are like magnets for me. But I am living on this earth with pain and happiness. There is duality around me every day and sometimes I would like to run away without end although not knowing where to go. I see You living in a way which seems to me not manageable.

Sometimes it´s just to much but I can´t stop loving You. And this sometimes makes me angry.

Also I don´t know why somebody has to give up everything to be loved from Jesu Christ or God. He is the One who gives everything. Why is it necessary to give up somebody who I love (for excample)to receive His Love?

Forgive me please that I am little bit angry and also a little bit jealous.

Guriji, You are killing me. But one day we will meet us again at Springen :-)))


Anonymous said...

Babaji and Guruji will know what they are speaking of, as they have had so many previous incarnations which they all remember I guess, it is like a sports trainer, he may have been a trainer for many years already but still he remembers the day when he started, when he himself was still learning, when as a boy he took his first lesson their outlook will not be surrealistic...JGD

Anonymous said...

there are so beautiful answers(yesterday´s entries) on


the need to be humble and to surrender the problems to God...JGD