Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Longing For the Beloved One

Guru Dev Swami VishwanandaThe Saints know about the pain of Mystical Love. Their hearts pain to be with the Divine; they cry for it.

Love is not always hurting; love can be joyful also! There is a mystical joy, a mystical form of love that you may also discover in pain. This pain is not a pain like one saying, “Oh, I’m having pain.” For example, like someone saying, “Yesterday I went to a certain place and I hit myself and now I have pain.” The mystical kind of love is not a physical pain and it’s not an emotional pain that you create with your mind like saying, “Yes, I am in pain today.” Mystical Love is painfully intense [bittersweet].

Read the life of St. Francis. Do you know how much he was crying always? But even Mystical Love is not always that intense. We are speaking now about the pain of love, but St. Francis also had great joy. This sensitivity [the longing for the Divine] can also manifest itself as being painful. It is not really painful in the normal sense that we know pain to be, rather it is an intense Mystical Love, a longing for the Beloved One.

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Vishwananda-Mamta said...

Thank you for this text which is giving me an answer of my feelings and tears. Often I was praying for this answer.
Since I was a child I love St. Francis a lot and I feel very connected with him and his prayers.

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Jai Guru Dev: To the one who posted the first comment above: Our purpose for this blog is to serve Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji. When a reader, a devotee of Swamiji and Mahavatar is touched or inspired, we know we are fullfilling our purpose. Thank You for writing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati, thanks also for the bloglist/activity notification on the right. one doesn´t have to look the blogspots up one by one any more, but can always have a look as to which new entries have been made! Love and JGD

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

We can thank Swami Vishwavijayananda, who kindly placed the bloglist on VBV at my request for His help. Thanks again Vijaya!

Anonymous said...

That´s the way it is - mystical stress. Perhaps a chance to offer a new sport - ego jumping -bittersweet.

One day I hope there will be an end from this stress and I will be back home.