Monday, October 26, 2009

Begin where you are Get where you want to Go

Mahavatar Babaji: Yesterday someone placed the following comment on VBV Blog. We will reproduce it here and the response I made in the Comment Section. I wish today to elaborate on the idea of: “Beginning where you are to get to where you want to go on your spiritual path.”

Comment: Dear Babaji, Dear Guruji — Please, let me ask You, “Are You perfect? Do You have something like wisdom of the universe given through God? Do you have doubts?

Babaji’s Response Yesterday in Comment section: In your understanding, from time immemorial those lost in space and time have asked such questions. Now is the time for you all to go within, as Swami Vishwananda and I say again and again and again. It is time you focus on your own awakening. Whether someone else, even a Master Teacher is wise, perfect or has doubts and shares that with you is irrelevant to your own progression on the spiritual path. You must discern for yourself your answers to those questions by observing those whom you are wondering about.

Have you noticed Swami Vishwananda generally does not respond to such questions? Why? It is out of love and compassion for you that He bypasses those questions, and because it will not help you move toward your OWN FREEDOM should He respond to such.

You must begin where you are to advance on your spiritual path by going within and meditating. We know the answer to this, but ask yourself: "How often do I actually meditate and for how long? Do I put into practice in my thoughts, words and actions and in fact my life, the teachings of my spiritual teacher?"

I will respond to all your questions that have the potential to lead you upward and onward spiritually. I have responded to the "real" questions you were asking about yourself in this response. Look for that! Meditate on why you asked those particular questions. Could it be that there is some reluctance in looking within and working on what you find there that needs purifying within yourself? Meditate on that. I will be with you. I send you my eternal love. –Babaji

Postscript by Babaji Today: Anyone who can imagine the attainment of ones like Adi Shankaracharya, Lahiri Mahasaya, Parmahamsa Yogananda or Shirdi Sai Baba may create that level of spiritual advancement for themselves. You may take inspiration from the enlightened Masters, but you must do your own work in purifying yourself to progress on the spiritual path. Meditation is one clear way of achieving greater levels of awareness. Swami Vishwananda, at my behest offers Atma Kriya for everyone! Do you practice?

Please take seriously and put into practice what your Spiritual Teacher says: Swami Vishwananda: "To achieve something you have to be disciplined in it and practice it every day regularly. It is very important to practice without expectation. This is the biggest problem in the world that many people expect many things. They want to do a little and get a lot. Of course you will get it if you receive the grace from a Master. It can be activated and made faster for you. It is important though, that you do not just fix always on the Master, but you also have to do your part. Be disciplined with your practice and for sure you will achieve the same level as the Master. "

Babaji Continues: We wish to encourage and inspire you to take action now. In too many lifetimes many of you have been what the Christ called “luke-warm" about your spiritual sadhana, practice and progress. You have been neither hot or cold but rather not totally committed but occasionally working and mostly not. Resolve today to select a sadhana practice and a daily schedule for it and then just do it! And practice, practice, practice every day and at the time and place you write into your schedule from your heart! Take seriously your own spiritual progression. We may inspire you, but you must do your part!

I write this to you all with great Love and commitment to inspiring you to become committed to your own sadhana practice! – Babaji

Note this Post-Postscript : ) : Babaji, even in His designing stages desired this blog to become interactive between His readers and Himself as Spiritual Guide along with Swami Vishwananda through His teachings (SV not directly speaking on this blog). Today when someone posted a comment about the OM Healing Circles instigated by Swami Vishwananda, Babaji transmitted to me (Utpalavati) that He wished the comment to be added to this, His post today:

Anonymous said...
Wouldn´t it be a nice start for those not yet doing their daily Atma Kriya exercises to at least attend an OM Healing group once a month? I mean, not only in Springen, but also to support the l o c a l groups? Wouldn´t it be good to start somewhere at least? Also you need not like or love the organisers, because you don´t do it for them after all, but you are doing it for your o w n progress... JGD

Babaji speaks to above comment: Blessed Be to the one who made this suggestion. I endorse this and say also that one may willfully and joyfully add the OM Healing Group work into the sadhana schedule whether doing the Atma Kriya or not! Both Swami Vishwananda and I place our energy into every OM Healing Group session. We will reproduce below something I gave recently to the OM Healing groups for Swami Vishwananda's OM Healing website:

"To win in life, one must learn the rules for any game. In the life of the sadhaka (a spiritual aspirant), to win the game, one must learn to radiate Wellness through union of mind, body and spirit. Therein, a Yogi is born. The OM Healing Technique Swami Vishwananda and I sponsor, invigorate, and infuse with Super-Consciousness greatly helps mankind toward this goal."


Anonymous said...

wouldn´t it be a nice start for those not yet doing their daily Atma Kriya exercises to at least attend an OM Healing group once a month?(I mean, not only in Springen, but also to support the l o c a l groups?) I mean, wouldn´t it be good to start somewhere at least? also you need not like or love the organisors, because you don´t do it for them after all, but you are doing it for your o w n progress... JGD

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

JGD, As I, Utpalavati read this comment Babaji transmitted to add this idea to his post today and sends His love and blessings. U...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Master, Babaji.
I kindly ask for Your inspiration and some guidelines.
Its about how to interact with other people. I feel, there are always some or the other problems when trying to communicate. It seems, communication sometimes leads to more confusion, misunderstandings, weird feelings inside... sometimes I imagine, how it would be if in one of our community meetings here in Sringen, we all would not talk, but sing- so whatever one has to say, one has to 'sing' it- I imagine, that in this way, it would be much more difficult to hurt another person's feelings and everybody would relax more. Probably, there would be a lot of laughter, as well :-)
I ask myself sincerely, how can I lead good communication with other people? What is the easiest way for everyone to overcome and prevent misunderstandings, hurt feelings, etc. which often arise during talking with other people, especially talking in groups? Is it always the right way to talk in a nice and soft voice (I was reading in one of the Holy Scriptures that one should always talk in a nice and soft voice)? Many people also say, "It is okay to be tough sometimes, also!". Or can you combine those two? being sweet as honey, yet crystal-clear... I like honey, and I like crystals, but how can I bring the essence of those two into my own being, and how to live "sweet as honey, yet crystal-clear"?
With all my heart, thank You for Your Eternal Guiding Light.

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting comment.(on how to communicate) I am looking forward to the answer...
I guess, being sweet as honey outside, in one´s talk, will not help if in one´s thoughts and feelings towards others (inside) one is not the same way. I have made the experience that even a dog or a drunkard realize if I try to be one way on the outside, but inside I am different....JGD

Anonymous said...

PS: I´ve heard the Master Christ said one´s thoughts words and deeds should be in line, this is the important thing. Although one may be attacked for it, and remember, Jesus was even crucified. One may not be popular, one may lose all of one s friends, but yet, you see? It is said God is the only friend. Or for a Bhakta, God and Guru...

Anonymous said...

Maybe in the beginning of a good communication there should be gratefulness? Gratefulness towards Babaji and Swamiji for giving us the OM Healing, the Atmakriya, the blog. Towards Utpalawati, the Springen residents (for organising all the events) and to the local OM Healing organisers as well, for dedicating their time, coming a long way some of them, for renting a room, some of them, for being there always. Few people ever say thanks! But it must be also heartfelt, it is of no use just to say thank you, if you don´t mean it. So if you don´t mean it, work on your inner attitude! JGD

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

reg. to communication situation in the ashram: I may say that people say that I am quite good in communication training. In case that You want it and my sisters and brothers would accept me to do this - it would be a big honour for me (of course without any charge of costs by myself).

The original reason why I write You is to say - sorry. Sometimes I forget that I am a child of God.

There were written a lot of words and teached even in serious books, movies, etc. about free will, free live, sex, money and so on. Years ago I thought all these things would lead to happiness. Something like - God by money. This was a mistake and of course You know.

By writing to You I understand more and more. Perhaps is the theoretical answer of our main problem on earth easy? Perhaps people - we forgot that we are children of God.

I love You and my sisters and brothers with all my mistakes again and again.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

noone can train another person how to open the heart(one has to want it oneself and practise it oneself)... and heart has nothing to do with communication training, has it? every child, every flower can talk from the heart, without ever having been trained to do so...

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

It is nice to read all of your comments. They seem "from the heart" and those word offerings are like flower offerings to The Divine. Thank you all. -Utpalavati

Anonymous said...

reg. to the comment:

"no one can train another person how to open the heart(one has to want it oneself and practise it oneself)... and heart has nothing to do with communication training, has it?..."

Some people are full of love but they don´t find the right word at the right time. In some situation in live they even don´t know what to say. This hurts and I know this feeling.

In my understanding - Communication training can be very helpful to open the heart, to clear the mind and to lead to more self confidence.

But you are right. Without God it doesn´t mean anything.