Monday, October 19, 2009

Open Communication From Mahavatar Babaji

Gurudev Swami Vishwananda & Mahavatar Babaji
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Babaji Communicates Today -- A Collective Awakening Is Underway: A great awakening within mankind is in progress and it is divinely on schedule. Therein, mankind will know the meaning, through inner divine experience, the promise in the Holy Christian Bible: Oh, man, be still and know that I Am God. It is to that place within you that we wish to lead you in our writings on this blog. It is truth that we have no other purpose. Those of you, who resonate from the heart when you read this blog, and when you meet me in your meditations, be at peace. I know who you are.

Those few who are agitated, furious, questioning and beleaguered with doubts brought forward from many lifetimes, I know who you are also, and I wish you peace. And if you open your heart to the possibility that I am who I say I am, given the names by mankind, who have met me in the various dimensions of vibration available to man, I can help you find this peace. Even the few of you who think and identify me with other vibrations than my own and think you hate that energy, know that I love you as I AM THAT I AM! And in that, and in essence, we are one!

Know that those of you who are not enlightened, as remembered yet, and judge whether others are speaking with me or not, Mahavatar Babaji, I know who you are. You have my compassion for your self-created suffering and pain. Don’t you long to leave the pain and suffering you have created for yourself in the dust-bin of history? I can help you; you have only to be willing to allow it. Don’t you long to be free? This help I am offering does not in any way need to be paraded in public or over this internet. The internet communication serves mainly to lead you where you actually may hear, “the still small voice within,” And one may meet me in meditation in the privacy of just you and me. And I welcome any of you who choose that method of communication as well as herein.

Those of you who stay in the morass of energy known as criticism, mistrust and conceit in your knowing or what you think you know, must first break free of those energies and be willing to sit in silence. You must opt to still your mind-chatter and your criticism of what “others” have done both to you and people you know or think you know. Only then will you create the possibility of finding the peace that some of those you criticize already have created for themselves. Only then may you find this peace we are speaking about.

Don’t you long for peace and freedom? Can’t you perceive that some of those whom you criticize the harshest and most frequently have found a great measure of this peace for which you diligently are searching. Please become aware that you are searching in a place where peace does not exist. In your heart you know that I know who you all are and I love you still! Once again, I offer you my help and I send you my blessings always and forever. Be aware, and I am perfectly certain, no one, and I mean no vibration or energy has power over you unless you self-create giving the power away in your own mind. I am offering to help you wake up and take responsibility for that, those of you who have this mind-chatter within ye. I AM THAT I AM! —Babaji

Postscript: This communication was posted four hours ago: Babaji says now: "Some of you have been asking within and I have heard you and am now responding! By Open Communication, I mean in perfect truth --- My Open Communication post is written to the public in general, and it is not sealed, but is open, frank and honest in that it is not trying to hide anything or deceive anyone."


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Dear Babaji, You are such a good friend! Thanks so much. One need not be enlightened to meet you in meditation and get inspirations from You. But those who partly may not even take the time to meet You themselves, should not try to judge whether someone else does "meet" You or not...Love

Anonymous said...

... no one, and I mean no vibration or energy has power over you unless you self-create giving the power away in your own mind. ...
this is a difficult one, please help!

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Responding to comment above: It is time to take responsibility for yourself as we stated in this blog. Please go within in meditation as we have suggested and continue the process I have suggested. Trust me, anyone who asks this question must find, within himself, the solution. You must find your own strength and take control of your mind and then no person, energy or vibration will exercise power over you. If you perceive this in your life presently, you have given that "right" to that you understand? And know that the intent of such a perceived person or energy may not be His/Its intent...please understand? I have pointed you in the right direction within, I have offered my help in meditation. My dear, the rest you must do yourself. Continue.

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Thanks and Love!

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Thank You