Friday, October 9, 2009

Swami Vishwananda Requests Support For Balasai Baba

From Springen October 9, 2009:
Last weekend the whole region around Kurnool where Balasai's ashram is located was flooded.
Following is an excerpt from a published request for assistance:
"...10.000 houses and huts have been completely destroyed. Countless people have been left homeless in Kurnool and its environment. Alongside the raging river everything is devastated. Great suffering. The ashram was under water up to the second floor. The temples- the old one as well as the new one- were invisible. Nothing is left. Suffering with no end. Also Baba has nothing left. His rooms have been flooded up to the ceiling- also those on the first floor. Everything is gone. In spite of this the trust is distributing food every day to hundreds of people for that the homeless do not have to starve..."

Contact Information:
Children are our Future e.V.
Purpose: Balasaibaba
Hypo Vereinsbank München (BLZ 700 202 70)
Konto Nr. 909 230 56

IBAN: DE72 7002 0270 0090 9230 56


Anonymous said...

sometimes I think that I have problems. But seeing these pictures - there are no problems.

Anonymous said...

Swami Atmachaithanya, who visited Swami Vishwananda twice in 2009, is also facing flood problems etc.
So I am wondering what to do, as I don´t know whose problems are bigger, that of Swami Bala Sai or those of Swami Atmachaithanya? and also in the satsang blogspot there is an entry(beginning of septemer if I remember correctly) that one should first and foremost help those who are closer, like neighbours, friends etc. so in my case I know Swami Atmachaithanya well, but don´t know Bala Sai? could I please get a hint as to what to do? Thanks and JGD

Anonymous said...