Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swami Vishwananda Tells Us: "You Are In the Golden Age Now"

Mahavatar Babaji requests that today we copy and post an entry made yesterday by one of Swami Vishwananda’s disciples on Facebook. And Babaji offers two quotes from His book that speaks to the subject (in the Facebook post) of Swami Vishwananda’s talk recently in Switzerland wherein a devotee asked Him a question about something Babaji said in His book. And an excerpt from Swami Vishwananda’s talk in July 2009 wherein He defines the attributes of a devotee and a disciple also is included.

Swami Vishwananda
The Golden Age / Kingdom of God
During the Satsang on September 29, 2009 with Sri Swami Vishwananda in Lugnorre, Switzerland, a devotee asked Swamiji: "Babaji writes that The golden age is just in front of us,” but He looks from another dimension. Can you say how many years it’s going to take?" (The devotee is speaking of the Book Babaji--Unity with the Divine written by Utpalavati, a close disciple of Sri Swami Vishwananda; available at:

Swami Vishwananda responded to the query: You mentioned it right, but what is the Golden age? Christ said the same thing: “The kingdom of God is within.” You see, it’s not about how many years [to the Golden Age/Kingdom of God] because it’s already said that the Kingdom of God is here [it is within everyone already]. It's near. [As Babaji said, just over the horizon of individual awareness]. The Golden Age is now, but how many really want it? That’s the question. The Golden Age, the Kingdom of God is not far away. It’s not about time. It’s about how much you want it to be, how much you want it to happen, and how much you are surrendered to it, how much you surrender to God. The more you surrender to the Divine and the more you surrender to God, the more you will see that you are in the Golden Age / The kingdom of God -- you are in it [now].

Lift your hand. How many really want to attain this Golden Age, sincerely? If you want it sincerely, you have to lift your hand very high. (Some people are lifting their hands) Wow. That’s very good. I am very impressed, actually. To attain this Golden Age, how many among you are ready to give everything that you have? Everything. I mean everything, everything. Lift your hand, even higher than before. Sincerely. Even your life? (Devotee says, “Me.”) Okay, that’s sincerity. I love that.

You see how it is; we hang so much on our fear.
We move from one fear to the other constantly and thinking this is the reality. We are afraid of losing. We are afraid of losing the husband. We are afraid of losing the wife. We are afraid of almost everything. We are afraid of diseases. We are afraid of unemployment. We are afraid of finances. We are afraid of death, and at the end, we are still afraid of life and that’s the funny thing about it. You are afraid of death, you are afraid of life and yet you know that there is something greater, which is the Golden Age or the Kingdom of God or Self-realization or God-realization to be attained. And that’s why we surrender to the Divine Will. We say “Yes, we have faith in God, but yet there is so much fear of losing.” I am asking your Self: What have you come in this world with? (Someone says, “Nothing.”) And you will go with what? (Someone say, “Nothing.”) But what are you losing then? Nothing is yours, but yet you think that you will lose something. Jai Guru Dev.

Mahavatar Babaji
Babaji includes the following excerpts from Unity With The Divine about the Golden Age referenced in the devotee question above:

I am coming to you in this way, via heart to heart and mind to mind communication [Babaji Imprinting Technique he used to write His book] so that we may encourage and inspire you on your path in yet another way. I want to inspire you to go inside and find a place of firm commitment that not even an earthquake can shake. I wish you to feel free to call on me and your Guru, your spiritual teacher, to help you find that place inside yourself.

My message to you all this day, both for all readers and the *disciples and devotees of Swami Vishwananda is this: I am encouraging you to choose rightly, dharmically, by focusing less on the world of illusion and thereby committing whole-heartedly to your spiritual teacher, whomever it may be, and your spiritual path in Divine Love, Patience and Unity.In time each level of attunement to the Divine will manifest the knowing to carry the soul back to its origin. By the time the Golden Era manifests itself completely into conscious awareness of the entire population on Earth, you will have recognized that the life you are living now, with all its struggles to reach higher light has been the very vehicle, your Divine Vahana, which has manifested the Golden Age into your world. Embrace the troubles you create to carry you forward and transform them into light. Then, my friends, you will live upon your planet within Divine Awareness of the foretold prophecy of the Golden Era just beyond most of conscious knowing at this time.

*Note: In Swami Vishwananda’s talk at Springen July 7, 2009 he explained the difference between a devotee and a disciple. See Excerpt below.

Someone asked the question: If a disciple walks away from the Guru is the contract [between the Guru and the disciple] finished? Gurudev responds: The contract between the Guru and the Disciple is not a physical contract where the disciple can say, “I am finished with that and throw it away. One is free to go, and the teacher lets you free. But there is always this contract because the contract [between Guru and disciple] is not on the physical level; it is on the spiritual level. No matter what, the teacher will be invisibly in that person.

…It is really important to be near a teacher…Our light is very dim in itself. The more we move closer to the teacher who has greater light, what happens? Our light also gets brighter and brighter…That is way I always say that the teacher is the bridge that leads you to your true self, your Divine self. As long as we have not reached there, it is better to be near that light…There are many devotees but there are very few disciples; this is how it is!

…You see that around Christ there were lots of devotees and He was doing lots of miracles. How many devotees were around Him?’ Many, yes? Once when Christ was talking with the people, He distributed five loaves of bread to five thousand people. And during the crucifixion, how many people were there? How many devotees? There were only two disciples, Mary Magdalene and John; only two. Within the twelve disciples itself, only two. But ask yourself, [there are] many devotees but very few disciples. What makes one a disciple or a devotee? That was your question [to the person asking the question the day before]. The difference is the devotees come and go; the disciple nothing can move, no matter what. A storm can come but nothing can move them; nothing in the stupid mind can move them. Their straddaha [faith or relentless resolve] is stronger; without straddaha, without faith, it is very difficult.

Mahavatar Babaji: To the one who placed the question on VBV Blog yesterday, October 6, 2009, your last two sentences contain everything. You write: “Do I resonate from my heart? I am not absolutely sure but, I love you. Love contains everything in it. Please meet me in meditation and listen carefully from your heart and I will speak with you and help you to bring forth the knowing which lies in wait there for you to tap into it. Adieu, until we meet again. -Babaji


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guruji, as for meditating with You, I got the impression that I get inspirations, impulses, not (yet) really word by word, but in form of sudden ideas, and then You watch if and in how far I am prepared to implicate these inspirations, to put them into practice. And: these inspirations are not pleasant(for my ego perhaps), they are about letting go certain habits mainly. Is this the normal way how it works? As Vivekananda said: Comfort is no proof for truth, on the contrary, often truth is anything but comfortable...

Anonymous said...

P.S: there seems to be also a kind of feedback/back coupling from Your side, depending on how much or how little I - or another person, as I guess it is not just about me - put into practice? So if one fails to put the ideas one receives during meditation into practice, the "speed" slows down and one doesn´t get so many inspirations any more for some time? JGD

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Babaji imprints to above two comments: Time and space merge into relevence for each individual in its own interpretation of divinity and time and space. And that applies to my own incarnations into Earth forms. So we...Continue. -Babaji