Saturday, October 3, 2009

Planetary Greeting From Mahavatar Babaji & Kali Temple Springen Inauguration

The Heavens ring with the sound of bells and the radiating love of welcoming, receptive hearts of the devotees around the world who participated in Navaratri Pujas in the days just passed in manifested time. We send forth into the airwaves of Planet Earth a heart-felt Hosanna to all mankind. -Mahavatar Babaji

Swami Vishwananda Inaugurates Kali Temple at Springen

Following nine nights of Navaratri’s blissful, spiritual orientation toward the heart of Divine Mother Durga in Her nine aspects, the remaining devotees participated with Swami Vishwananda in the inauguration of the new Kali Temple at Springen.
The four-hour puja and installation of the Divine Mother Kali Murti, bedecked in beautiful flowers and wafting heavenly fragrances, culminated in our kneeling at The Mother’s feet in loving, respectful, gratitude and worship. Guruji’s radiance mingled with The Divine Mother’s brilliant light as if the two hearts had become One in Divine simpatico of the inauguration ceremony that Guruji performed with great love; devotion; and gentle, patient caring. Visitors from around the world now have the opportunity to visit the new sacred Kali Temple at Springen. OM . . . Jai Guru Dev.

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