Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Longing for the Beloved - Call Him by Name

Narayana - Lord Vishnu
Swami Vishwananda Talk - Continued from yesterday: Chant the Narayana Maha Mantra. I have explained many times the power of the name of Narayana. If you want to attain Him, chant His name. The more you chant Narayana, the more you will draw Him closer to you. When you call somebody, you will not just say “Come here;” you will call the person by name. The Divine also has many names and many forms. When you call Him, He will come in the form you call Him. Often people ask me, “Listen, if I pray to Shiva, should I really change?” Actually, ‘No’, you do not need to change, but your love has to grow more and more. If you call Him as Shiva, He will come to you in that form. If you call Him as the Divine Mother, He will come as the Divine Mother.

Maha Lakshmi - painting in Kali Temple - Springen
Actually in reality, you will find Him deep inside your heart as the form of love, pure love, unconditional love. This is something that the mind can’t understand because the mind always expects something. The mind always has a limit, so you have to cross over this limit.

It happens so often in the life of people that when the grace of God comes upon them, they don’t understand anything. They try to understand, but yet they can’t understand. I have met so many people who have told me, “Oh, You know I love God but I don’t understand Him. I don’t know why I love Him so much.” You have to become that state wherein even if you want to understand Him, you can’t understand. You see Him in front of you and want to grasp Him, but you can’t. Imagine what would happen? And when you can’t take hold of Him, it drives you crazy for Him. And that's the best, because deep longing makes it even sweeter [a kind of bitter sweetness].

Guru Dev Swami Vishwananda
Our soul is always longing for Him, always. There is not a time when the soul does not Long for the Beloved , whether we are consciously aware of it , or we are not aware of it. But our true self, the soul-consciousness is always aware of The Beloved. So, try to see like Christ always said, “If you have eyes to see, you see.” Try to see with the eyes of the heart and try to hear deep inside of you. Whatever is inside of your heart, there will be no doubt about it. Whatever comes from your mind will create a lot of questions. Even if the mind says the same thing as the heart there will be many, many questions and the mind will not feel free. That’s why in meditation you strive to go into the calmness of yourself and listen deep inside. You endeavor to attain calmness deep within you, and you strive to attain this divine love that you have inside of you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

the grace of God comes through His Gurus and Angels (in case that we as "normal" people are willing to see it like this.) Is this right?

Also it comes through all kind of circumstances which are given on mother earth and in the universe (in case that we are able to see the love in it). Is this right?

Please let mes ask You why God has choose this system of development?


Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Jai Guru Dev: You are right. The grace of God is given freely. "The sun shines equally on all." Why did God choose this system? Why not? The human body is comprised of many cells, but it is one body. So all the variety of creation is one. You ask why; I ask why not? -Babaji

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Guruji and Utpalavati,
I would like to know if possible, how about a person in ancient Greece or in the ancient Roman Empire, that did call/worship e.g. the Goddess Hera/Juno with love? Would this also have been bhakti in some sense? Would the Divine Mother take the form of Hera/Juno and appear to that person in case the person did have intense love and faith? Usually we call these people pagans, and as for the Romans we also bear in mind that they slaughtered many Christians.
But how about their so-called pagan Gods? In my imagination God doesn´t mind and does not distinguish between socalled pagan and non-pagan, but He/She just watches out as to whether the person loves his or her God/Goddess or not? JGD

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

thank You for Your response.

My idea is that on mother earth is much more pain and hate (with all the consequenz) then happiness. This result of duality is also given through Him. In case it isn´t given through Him then human beeing have to take the responsibilitiy for all mistakes (because they are not able to learn). But at the end He takes also responsibility because He alouds this process of pain, abuse of children and so on.

But God has more wisdom then human beeing and I also believe more Love - So, how can He accept pain and all these?

Love - more then I can say...

Anonymous said...

comment to my comment/question on so-called pagans: to make it clear, I meant only persons who did not kill others, Swami Vishwananda has already pointed out that a person that really loves God would not kill anyone. (unless perhaps, in a defense war, but even this is a sticky issue, I don´t believe that for an unenlightened person it is possible to be a soldier and to kill without getting attached to hatered of the enemy). also I meant only persons who, despite being so-called pagans, did really concentrate and focus lovingly on their God/Goddess. I did not mean persons who don´t focus, but do a bit of this, a bit of that, and still a bit of another worship, like having several Ishta devatas, etc or trying to tread on several paths at the same time. I only meant someone who would really concentrate e.g. on "His" or "Her" beloved Hera or Juno or any other God or Goddess of any place/any time. JGD