Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let Go and Be In The Hand Of God

NASA Image from space known as The Hand of God

Swami Vishwananda:
Hold the hand of God within you every moment, and during any kind of trouble as well as in your happiness. Always think of The Divine and that He is with you continuously, all the time. It is up to you to hold His hand and let yourself be guided. .. Just let go and be in the hand of God.

We have to be centered in our heart. And wherever our heart is carrying us we may open up and let ourselves flow. .. Life is not a straight line and for sure this line will go up and down. In life, if ever you do go down, know that there is the hand of God to pull you up. You see, this hand of God is so great it will pull you up even higher than you were before

Swami Prays:
Oh God, Oh my Lord,
You have shown us the way…
Remind us that we are part of you
And that you are part of us.
May the symbols of Life and Joy
Always remind me of your love
Remind me always that every moment
You are with me
And that I Am Divine

Mahavatar Babaji: Receive the blanket of love the Gods wish to wrap around you and let it take you home to the everlasting peace you all long to remember, and live and rest within.


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

Please let me ask You - Are You perfect? Do You have something like whisdom of universe given through God? Are there doubts?


Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

To the one who commented above: From time immemorial those lost in space and time, in your understanding, have asked such questions. Now is the time for you all to go within, as Swami Vishwananda and I say again and again and again. It is time you focus on your own awakening. Whether someone else, even a Master Teacher is wise, perfect or has doubts and shares that with you is irrelevent to your own progression on the spiritual path. You must discern for yourself your answers to those questions by observing those whom you are wondering about.

Have you noticed Swami Vishwananda does not answer such questions. Why? It is out of love and compassion for you that he bypasses these kinds of questions, and because it will not help you move toward Your OWN FREEDOM.

You must begin where you are to advance on your spiritual path by going within and meditating. I know the answer to this, but ask yourself: "How often do I actually meditate and for how long? Do I put into practic in my thoughts, words and actions and in fact my life, the teachings of my spiritual teacher?"

I will respond to all your questions that have the potential to lead you upward and onward spiritually. I have responded to the "real" questions you were asking about yourself in this response. Look for that!

Meditate on why you asked those particular questions. Could it be that there is some reluctance in looking within and working on what you find there that needs purifying within yourself? Meditate on that. I will be with you. I send you my eternal love. -Babaji

Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji & Guruji!

Please hold my hand and never let me go!!! Please give me a sign, so I can calm my mind and trust in you completely that you will take care of can I stop my thoughts, wavering faith?

Love You always and forever Divine Gurudev

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

thank You for Your patience - again and again... Love