Thursday, October 15, 2009

Socrates: Teacher of Enlightenment

Socrates Execution
Mahavatar Babaji responds to a VBV Comment: In this blog we guide you beyond the mind-field of questions and philosophical discussion. It is within the heart of man where your freedom lies. And as I wrote to you in Unity With The Divine and as I will say to you throughout eternity until you ALL reach this vibration: You must go beyond the mind into the depths of the heart of man to locate and secure your liberation, your freedom, your enlightenment.

"Rather than upholding a status quo and accepting the development of immorality within his region, Socrates worked to undermine the collective notion of "might makes right" so common to Greece during this period [when Socrates lived]. Plato refers to Socrates as the "gadfly" of the state (as the gadfly stings the horse into action, so Socrates stung Athens), insofar as he irritated the establishment with considerations of justice and the pursuit of goodness. His attempts to improve the Athenians' sense of justice may have been the source of his execution. (Quote from Wikipedia)

My dear friends of this blog, and especially to the one who wrote the comment reproduced below, I say to you all: I love you and my only purpose in writing here is to assist those of you who "resonate from the heart" with my vibration and my words of guidance to you. Thereby, I may support the mission of Swami Vishwananda. I AM HIS GURU! To the questioner: Please read "between the lines" for my response to you.

Anonymous said... Dear Babaji, Guruji and Utpalavati,I would like to know if possible, how about a person in ancient Greece or in the ancient Roman Empire, that did call/worship e.g. the Goddess Hera/Juno with love? Would this also have been bhakti in some sense? Would the Divine Mother take the form of Hera/Juno and appear to that person in case the person did have intense love and faith? Usually we call these people pagans, and as for the Romans we also bear in mind that they slaughtered many Christians.But how about their so-called pagan Gods? In my imagination God doesn't mind and does not distinguish between so-called pagan and non-pagan, but He/She just watches out as to whether the person loves his or her God/Goddess or not? JGD Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Socrates was an enlightened Master using the philosophical mind-set of man at his time of birth and death on planet Earth to guide mankind, who would resonate and listen to his words and the example of his life, to thereby secure their own liberation. The quote above is an example of one of the ways Socrates attempted to guide mankind beyond the mind and into the heart. He provided a living example through his life action of moving beyond the mind and philosophical discussions into the heart and living life from the heart.

All of You may do the same! Today in your time a master teacher may take another example of the mind-set of humanity at this time to live his life as an example for all of you. A master teacher may come to you using man's stumbling blocks of power, wealth, fame , or man's sexual tendencies as his tool to teach even as Socrates used the social condition of "might is right" to teach in his time. Be alert for a teacher who takes on such an example in your time and judge him not, but rather attempt to understand what he is teaching you about you. Socrates was executed for his stand in providing a mirror for man of his time. Christ was executed for his teaching of his time. And so it goes, and so it is in the annals of man's slow progression into light!

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Anonymous said...

Dear babaji,
Thank You for Your beautiful, inspiring and patient explanations. Who else would have so much patience to us, humans. I wouldn't think about Socrates that way, as of an enlightened master. I try to understand my beloved Guru, but my mind really cannot comprehend it. There are so many lessons that He gave me and I still don't know what He was teaching me about me. But taking Your teachings, I believe that it will all come one day, it will come in meditation, when I am more dedicated and more proficient in it.
I love You and I love Your disciple and my Guru, Swami Vishwananda.
Thank You Both.
Jay Gurudev!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone! JGD

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

my mind needs a rest...

I only wanted to say that I can´t understand God. I can´t understand Him because there is so much pain on mother earth. Generations over Generations... Why does He allows it? Human beeing have not a free will. He is the only one (I think).

So, why ?

Love to You, also to my beloved Guriji, to my sisters and my brothers. It comes from my heart - so far I may say this and one day I hope to understand more.

Anonymous said...

Love to you also, dear brother or sister...JGD