Friday, April 15, 2011

Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji Speak of Unity

Mahavatar Babaji
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Swami Vishwananda

UNITY - Swami Vishwananda: Why do you think in all religions they chant the name of God, recite the name of God? One chants the name of the Lord so that you realize the unity between the Atma (soul) and the Paramatman (God). When you realize this unity between the Atma and the Paramatman, what will stay? Only the Paramatman will stay because the only reality of the Atma is the Paramatman. The only reality of the soul is God. Your soul wants to merge with, and become one with God. It wants to attain His lotus feet. The one who has realized this will join [unity with God]. Just in the simple name Ram, it can be granted.

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To the person leaving a comment on this blog, thank you for sharing. You seem well studied and connected in the teachings of your chosen path. To us, all paths are one and lead to The Divine. We send our love and blessings as you continue on your chosen way. -Utpalavati