Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Diving Into Divine Love - William The Great Conqueror

Swami Vishwananda at Base of Statue

William The Great Conqueror

From the depths of hell came William The Great,
It was said in all of Europe, in his time, as they either
Fought or fled his bloody wrath.
Yet, what if history records his deeds without knowing
WHY, WHY, WHY did he do what he did?...
Simply because they do not know!

Was William’s life given to lay down the Divine Law
To those who did not understand
That “man is divinely appointed but once to die,”
But in essence, he, as a soul, never dies!

Was it William’s judgment upon the world of man
At that time, to conquer the world for his own name and glory,
Or was there a greater purpose in his war-torn lands,
Crowns, titles and ownership of men and their lives
And hands bearing weapon and shield with William’s symbol
Emblazoned, there, upon?
Perhaps he truly was… William The Great,
As he was known back then,
When he stormed over Europe in what looked like
Kings right of Rage, search for power, leaving vast discontent,
Fear and, yes, a way to redemption for many in his wake,
As some thought so, in the churches he so diligently built?

Was William the bloodiest of Conquerors
Or a Man truly labeled
In His own time, “William the Great?”
But, perhaps his greatness was in a secret way,
As they did not know
With what greatness he really came!

Was he sent from on high
To balance the European nations as to
Power, money, name and fame?
Should power be in the hands of one nation
Or should all be equally distributed, in truth?
Or did William know that
Real power is not in Gold, or treaties,
Or Kingships, and thousands of warriors
Marching to a King’s own tune?
If William The Conqueror was truly,
William The Great….
Well then, one would have to have
A Third Eye and an Open Loving Heart
To see the truth of which William truly was,
Demon king, like Ravana of Old,
Or King of Heaven sent to show that
Wealth and power could come to all,
Equally, if man would let It be,
And Open his Heart to Love.
Weird and wonderful, bizarre, extraordinary
Way to show Unconditional Love, incarnated as…
William The Conqueror, one rightfully might say!

It is said that when William was crowned
King of England, after that historic Battle of Hastings,
Which forever changed the face of England,
Europe and, in truth, the world,
That he trembled in fear!
If it was fear, it is said:” It was one of the
Few times in his life
That William trembled in fear.”
What if, instead, the shaking was Maha Shakti, saying:
“Well done, my son, well done?” What if?
But people and history would not have known that then!

Strange, isn’t it,
That God would choose one of the
Bloodiest reigns of any King of all time
To demonstrate His Love for all is the same.
If so? then, therefore, this King would be,
William The Great,
One might say! Truly, one might say.


If William really was… as history records, shows…
Rushing about
Conquering and beheading, building churches on
One hand, and literally murdering thousands without
A thought for their souls, on the other hand…
“They were only heathens,” one might say,
Then, he is William The Conqueror, as history records
And subsequently, and later after his death,
Rightfully gave him this name.

What do you think?... Oh, Kali Yuga Stalkers?

Wonder what Swami Vishwananda was thinking
As he posed in the picture above with the great statue
Perhaps boldly labeled, “William the Conqueror," while he
Looks solemnly into the camera, ever so innocently,
As if he did not know a thing, or even two, or more…
About it all!
It is shouted from the rooftops, you know,
And not discreetly at all:
“Enlightened Masters know everything
About everything,” or so they, the people,
and the Masters say.

What do you think, Oh Kali Yuga
Stalkers of wisdom, that leads to the
Opening of the Heart to Love, and the ever-elusive
Heavenly Realization that
All Is One…
Be it William The Conqueror, or William The Great,
Or Kali Yuga Stalker of Realization?
What do you think?

It is recorded that William said on his deathbed:
“I tremble when I reflect on the grievous sins which
Burden my conscience. And now about to be summoned
Before the awful tribunal before God,
I know not what to do. I was bred from my childhood, and
am stained with the rivers of blood I have shed.”
But, my friends, this was written by one of
William’s own monks, two hundred years after his death!

So…who knows what William really was...
Saint or Sinner, Man or God-Man?”
As for me and my house,
I used to judge, as if I truly knew,
The what, why and wherefore,
As history records,
Things like William The Great Conqueror's life,
And only one love, for he was unlike most Kings
Ever True to his one wife, they say. . .
But now, I confess, and truly know…
Since knowing Swami Vishwananda...
I look Within and change myself, and then,
I look on the outside. . . and
I do not know, I do not know, I do not know…
Anything at all. . .
For It is all Him, God!
Amen and OM.

Let it be as it is,
Because how it is,
Is how it is,
And how it ever shall be!


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