Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Attain God's Grace Through Prayer

Sri Swami Vishwananda prayerfully offering a flower

When you make your first step through prayer, through chanting, the Divine will run to you. And, it is possible to attain Him. Open up the mind, surrender it to Him, and let the Love which you have inside of you flow. If you have not yet attained this Love, do everything to attain it, because that’s who you are and that’s what you are here for. The more you think of yourself being the Spirit, being part of Divinity, the more you will become the Spirit and Divinity.

From darkness to light, the Guru, the Master takes you. Follow Him, your Heart Guru, to enlightenement, to your Divine Self and God-Realization.

One who loves you eternally, my dear Chelas of Earth.

Mahavatar Babaji

Prayer of Grace

Oh Lord God of Time and Space. . .
and Ether. . .
Holy be thy Name; the angels sing thy glory.
The universes bow at your feet.
The stars gaze in wonder at your light.
Yet, man forgets your face, your heart,
Your radiant and purest beauty and…
Your gift of life!

Flowers bloom in springtime at your command.
Rivers flow in the direction of your design.
Oh Lord, My God,
How long will man wander
In this wilderness of ignorance of thy Holy Name?

In this Kali Yuga time,
Chanting your Holy Name
Is the easiest way to reach You,
Your Love, Your one heartbeat in everything,
Our Satguru tells us again and again.

In truth, even time and all this is Your design.
May your Grace let us accept that all this
Is Your Divine Timing, in time and forevermore.
Amen and OM!


Satsang with Swami Vishwananda on His Present Tulip Tour
In Den Haag Temple

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