Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spirituality and Attaining God

Talk by Sri Swami Vishwananda, January 2011
(Video and written excerpt)

Part II Excerpt (see Video below)

“When the soul is calling, the tests come and the tests are not something bad, something terrible. Actually, the tests are to strengthen yourself and to make yourself ready to receive that which is greater, which is coming. The soul aspect of the teacher, when the soul is growing, can get rid of all the negativity. And when the cleansing of all that negativity happens, trust awakens. When the trust is awakened, the Guru takes the aspect…in that aspect, the Guru infuses the disciple with wisdom. I didn’t repeat the word knowledge now, because knowledge is limited. The knowledge that I am talking now is just knowledge; it’s limited. The power of word, not the cosmic word, but the power of word that we all talk through the mouth is limited; it has great limitation.

When I sit in front of Him [The Divine, God], whenever I visit him or meet him, we don’t speak that word to word like this with the mouth. We just talk inside. The repetition of the word outside is only for the kindergarten. Only it will be good just to awaken the love and the longing to search…the Master infuses one with the Divine Knowledge, the knowledge of the soul."

SPIRITUALITY and ATTAINING GOD - Swami Vishwananda Part II

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