Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom from Mahavatar Babaji

Water, in the sacred Ganges River, is not clear in the lower regions and, thereby, reflects the mass human consciousness in this Kali Yuga age. In the higher vibration where the Himalayan Sages reside, in Consciousness, the Ganges is as pure as when it came from above to Earth. The purpose of the Ganges River appearing on Earth is to serve as a beacon of light for man to progress into Higher Consciousness. Let you be one, like the Himalayan Sages, who attunes to the Higher Consciousness no matter where on Earth you live, and breathe, and have your being.

Mahavatar Babaji

This verse of Babaji’s “Love’s Pearls of Wisdom” reflects recent experiences where I frequently meet Babaji at the Ganges River in India in mediation in the etheric dimension. When I arrive, Babaji will be sitting in Padmasana under the Banyan tree beside the Ganges River in Serampore, India just outside the Samadhi temple and what once was the site of Sri Yukteswar Giri’s Ashram, the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda.

The Ganges River at this place now is quite polluted from my memory of a visit there at Serampore during the time when I worked at the Swami Vishwananda Free Medical Camp in Kolkata (in Yogananda’s time, Calcutta). When I meet Mahavatar Babaji at this banyan tree, the Sacred Ganges River appears visually clear and pure.

In the many years since 1985, Babaji has been one of my teachers. Rarely does he speak personally to me about my physical life; he speaks of the spiritual path and its progression. He gives spiritual talks, exercises and practices. Since the inception of this blog, he writes you LETTERS, the readers, and is now offering these "LOVE'S PEARLS of WISDOM" to you. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised recently, one day, when we were sitting on the banks of the Ganges, and Babaji casually reached over and placed his arm around my shoulder like a Father might do in a "kind of affection or camaraderie." This hug contained a similar energy of Swami Vishwananda when he offers the rare hug (at least to me they are rare), and I feel a kind of love that is so purely Divine that it is unlike any feeling of physical love as I have known and experienced it.


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Wlodek said...

Dearest Babaji, Thank You for Your most precious Love Pearls of Wisdom You so lovingly and patiently share with us for our growth and benefit.
Thank You Utpalavati for being such a humble and patient servant to Babaji and all the readers of this blog.
With Love, Dakshesh