Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Satguru Knows

The Satguru has already found God. He has already realized the Divine and he wants you to realize Him; that’s why you look for him. Try to feel always with your heart and try to listen to your inner self. When your inner self reveals something, the mind will always say, ‘Oh no, it’s not like that. It has to be like this.’ The mind always will try to divert you from this path, from the reality. That's why you have to show the mind that you are the master, and not that the mind is master of you.

Guru Poems

Many a road we have traveled,
From which many a poem
Has appeared, line by line,
Upon my computer screen,
Mayhap guided by vibhuti dust
From some magical
Mauritian Guru land.

My Guru told me when first I
Wrote a poem for Him,
“The Guru’s Ashes”
We called it back then.
He said, with twinkling eyes
And a very beautiful smile:
“Write your poems about the Guru
And we will make a book”
And I wondered if He were
Simply and graciously speaking “repartee”,
For it is ever so discreetly Whispered:
“Even though his origins are Indian Guru
By way of this lovely and tropical
Mauritius Island, where luscious, juicy
Mangoes grow. . .
He speaks French, you know?”

Since that long ago day,
Numerous poems have come through
About many and sundry people,
And wondrous places
In Heaven, and the Divine
Dimensions of the
Lord of The Universe,
The supreme Being, Lord Vishnu,
And this radiantly, beautiful
Divine Mother, Maha Lakshmi, Her name.

Some poems came along the way
About hell and in between, and
Many wondrous things
And spirits, and poems
About the Earth, and the stars,
And the moon
But in the end, my Guru,
From Mauritius,
Truly, omnisciently knew
Even way back in the
So-called, Earth Year
Two thousand. . . and. . .ought six:
“Write your poems about the Guru
And we will make a book”.

I asked my Guru way back then:
‘Swami, from where do these poems come?’
Ever so sweetly, He said:
“They just come to you.”
And I did not understand!

Now, six years later,
With His Divine Love
And guidance, and
Having traveled up
The Seven Purified Chakras,
And due greatly to taking
His teachings to heart. . .
I know it is truthful fact:
All these poems come from
One’s own Heart,
From one's own Book of Life,
And from the
Guru sitting on the Divine throne
Of the Greater Self Within.


BALA MUKUNDA My Satguru singing my favorite song

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