Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Sacred Experiences from Croatia

We received an email sharing the following three beautiful, sacred experiences, accompanied by pictures, of a disciple of Swami Vishwananda who lives in Croatia. (Printed with permission) -Utpalavati

Mahavatar Babaji picture with Divine Mother and Baby
Appearing on the picture
"A few months ago, while I was looking in Babaji's picture, Divine Mother with baby appeared on the picture of Babaji, and I was so happy that I could make this photo." -Nainaa

"My name is Nainaa and I live in Croatia. I am an Atma Kriya teacher and I have an OM healing group in Dugi Rat, Croatia. Since I met my Guruji, Swami Vishwananda, so many beautiful things have happened to me that it is hard to even try to describe them. When we believe in our Master, all the other Masters come to bless us because they are all Him."

Water flowing from rock where the Smiling Face of
Divine Mother appeared in Croatia""One day this spring it was raining, and when I looked at the back of my house where there is one big rock, the face of Divine Mother was smiling at me from that rock. Water was falling down on Divine Mother and when the rain stopped, the water continued welling out for a few days although it was sunny weather. "

Light Lingam appearing to Nainaa in Croatia"The third picture (above) is a Light Lingam which appeared also in the front of me one day after this "natural Abhishek" [of Divine Mother]. The Light Lingam fell down on me while I was thinking: 'When we LOVE, all the Universe comes and blesses us.' And everything is happening without any effort.

"It is interesting, today (Sunday, June 6, 2010) on the blog (Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda) Babaji talks about a Light Disk and viewing into another dimension. I feel like this was written to me. And it is all by Guruji’s Grace. Guruji, You are my All."

Mahavatar Babaji transmitted for this entry:
Dearly beloved friends:It is time for all of you to remember your Light Bodies and your capabilities beyond the five senses. Soon, we will publish our second book entitled: Bhakti Sutras of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji: Journey Into Freedom. In this book, you will find many clues of literally how to “see the light,” as the disciple shows you in pictures and words in the above pictures and story. Prepare yourselves for enlightenment and…Let It Be! -Babaji

LINK: to Babaji's letter about the Light Disk and viewing another dimension:


Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji, why can't I see God?

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Dear One, all are dear to The Divine. How do I know this? I have seen God. How? I believed that I could do so.

In times of trouble, everyone suddenly has the ability to see God, isn't it? Ask yourself why? It is because they want to see God in times of turmoil when they need the highest and most powerful help.

As Swami Vishwananda teaches you all: The stupid mind continuously doubts. The heart simply knows because it is it's nature. Go within the heart, not only in times of trouble, but continuously. Change the continuous doubts of the mind into continuous Heartfelt Love for the Divine, and God is in everyone and everything, and you will see Him through your love. How? It is simple. GOD IS LOVE!

I Am Babaji, One who knows God. Ask yourself how I know, and you will know that you know that you know. -Babaji

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.